And even MORE outlet finds!!!

  1. You ladies are such enablers!!!!! ;)

    Before heading out to take our 2.5 year old skiing for the first time, I decided to make the 90ish-mile roundtrip drive to the local Coach Factory Store. I was hoping I'd find those flower charms that so many of you found recently for $9.99 - alas, there were none. :sad: But there were some awesome deals to be had!

    Unfortunately, I've been out of the house ever since and I'm at my parents' house for their Super Bowl Sunday party, so no photos at this time. But I can share what I got and post photos later. That's almost exciting, right? ;)

    I got my first Coach scarves! One ponytail that looks very St. Patrick's Day-ish and the other is, on eBay anyway, known as Psychadelic Pink (perfect for V-Day - and I'm actually wearing it right now as a headband, though it will eventually go on my new purchase). ($29 each)

    I found some charms... Still lots of astrological ones. Not the one I really wanted. :sad: Though I did grab the star for $9.99.

    The big prize of the trip? Something I really wasn't supposed to buy as I promised hubby I was only shopping for accessories. But I couldn't resist. The sales were awesome... 40% off on some items, in addition to the usual 20% and 30% off. I ended up settling on one of the 30% off items.... a black leather Soho Buckle Tote for $134!!!!!!!! :yahoo: I had been eyeing the red ones on eBay but couldn't really justify spending the money right now. Once I saw it in person though, I HAD to have one. No red at my outlet, but black is good - more versatile.

    Tomorrow... will be spent finding things to sell to help offset the added funds I spent today. But it was worth it! :tup:

    pics to follow ASAP
  2. congrats!!! post pics asap thanks!!
  3. congrats! Have fun at your party and I can't wait to see pics! :tup:
  4. Congrats!! Sounds like you had an amazing did the skiing go?
  5. I wish I could edit my first post!

    Here are the pics!!!

    The Soho Tote (with an original Factory price of $299/MFSRP of $329, IIRC... and I got it for $132.50!!!!!!):

    Group shot:

    And my dressed up tote for V-Day:

    It would have been better if I could have skied, too. ;) It was fun, though. My daughter skied with hubby on the magic carpet part of the beginner area for about an hour and I walked around the base with our 8 month old son on my back. Hubby and I both work part-time at the ski hill so there were plenty of people for me to chat with, too. Then she played in the igloo for a bit while hubby got in some turns. I would have, too, but I only work enough hours for a night pass so I can't ski free before 6PM. Still, it was worth it. She seems to be loving it and is excited about going back next weekend. :biggrin:
  6. very cute tote.. modeling pics please??
  7. That will have to wait until the morning. :biggrin: But thanks! I've had my eye on this style for a bit, starting with the leaf green suede ones that popped up on eBay a week or two ago. I didn't have any black bags so I'm happy to have ended up with the black.

    ETA: I almost forgot! They had 2 black leather Ergo totes. I seriously considered that instead, but with the 20% off it still would have been $200 - over my threshold for now for one bag.
  8. What a beautiful bag!!! And you got it for a great price! Congrats
  9. I love that scarf. Congrats!
  10. Super cute!!! Congrats!!!!
  11. Do you know the item number and the season that psychadelic pink scarf came out? THX!

    Great buys!
  12. very nice, congrats!
  13. Baby is sleeping in the room where the receipt is, otherwise I would get that for you. But when I looked it up on eBay, it looks like it's #F98326 (not in the drilldown so maybe it's a Factory only item?). I'm sorry but I have no idea which season it's from as I only got into Coach in the last 2 months.

    Trying to get a model picture. It's a little difficult with 2 little ones in the house. But thanks for all the congrats! I'm pretty proud of my finds!! :biggrin:
  14. the scarf is so cute with the bag! nice find :smile:
  15. Congrats, the tote is gorgeous and you got a great deal!