and even ANOTHER ebay scam! (not a duplicate post)

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  1. This one uses a hijacked buyer account to target sellers -- the scammer hijacks an account and uses it to BIN a high value item. The scammer then pays for the item through paypal but with a stolen credit card, and directs the seller to ship to an unconfirmed address. when the card owner discovers the fraudulent charges, the credit card company initiates a charge-back, and since the seller has shipped to an unconfirmed address the charge-back will be successful. so the seller is out the merchandise AND the payment.

    to avoid this, it helps to put in conspicuous type that you will not ship to an unconfirmed address.
  2. thanks will look out for this!
  3. This isn't necessarily a scam! Not everyone can have a confirmed address! EVERYONE outside of US, UK and Canada CANNOT have their paypal account confirmed! So buyers should really be judged on their feedback and willingness to communicate.
  4. This exact situation did happen to me one time :sad: Luckily it was not a high priced item. Because another ebayer tipped me off, I withheld mailing the item and sure enough a chargeback was posted to my paypal account due to a stolen credit card :sad: From my experience, a seller has absolutely no recourse with a stolen cc chargeback. You will be out goods and $ so be careful.
  5. Agree with leanbeanee, PayPal can't confirm address outside USA & UK. I've unconfirm address but my sellers always give me exception by my buying record :smile:
  6. of course every shipment to a non-confirmed address isn't a scam -- that's why these things work. they play off a scenario that doesn't sound too unusual. but the seller needs to know that shipping to an unconfirmed address exposes her to some risk -- whether or not to take it would seem to be an individual decision, and some sellers simply will not do it. i was merely pointing out that by saying you won't ship to an unconfirmed address you are less likely to be the target of one of these scams.
  7. thanks for the info!
  8. thanks for the heads up!

    ladies, we can only send to confirmed addy's. we have to stay on top of this or we know we will get burned!
  9. Thank you for the info!