And Edith has also arrived at

  1. And Edith has also arrived at
  2. good.
  3. I've never read the definitive - this site is legit - anyone? I noticed a jeans moyen paddy listed that I know others are still shopping for....

  4. And it's over $1700!!! But the photos are lovely.

    Yes, legit. I have purchased from them before...and so has a friend of mine in NYC. I forgot they had the jeans moyen...oh dear....
  5. Good to know. I see the jeans moyen listed for less ($1529), and with free shipping, otherwise their prices are quite up there! (Obviously I didn't go shopping in the city today - am taking the day off but remembered my boss was there too and didn't want to bump into her when I wasn't getting paid! Just my luck!)
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