AND....drumroll please (for Hubby!!!) LOLOL

  1. all know that my WONDERFUL hubby totally SURPRISED me w/ the Chelsea hobo, right? Well........GUESS WHAT????? Today he surprised me w/ the matching zip around wallet!!!!! He said it's an "early bday present" (my bday is next Friday), but he couldnt WAIT to give it to me!!! It looks soooooooo nice w/ my bag! For those of you who know me, I am a VERY matchy matchy person, and it was killing me to use a black LEATHER wallet w/ my new bag!!!!! But, I didnt want to spend the money on the matching black/white siggy wallet....since HUBBY spent the money on it, it's OK!!!! See the way I justify things??? Anyway, this is the wallet, and I will add my OWN pics when I get the chance!!!! My hobo is my avatar, and you can also refer to my thread about it!
  2. That's so wonderful Mommyville! I'm really happy for you! What a thoughtful hubby!
  3. You have the best DH ever! (You know, he can coordinate the matches!! That is super cool all in itself!!!)
  4. Congrats!!! And happy birthday! :woohoo:
  5. Happy Birthday early! What a great Hubby you have, what a sweetie to do that for you. Congrats.
  6. What a great husband!!! I have that wallet in brown and LOVE it..........

    such a lucky girl!! :smile:
  7. Thanks! Show us some pics of YOUR wallet!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!??? :yes:
  8. Thanks, girls!!! He says he has a few more "non Coach surprises" for me next Friday......NON COACH.....HMMMMMMMM.............
  9. Your husband is so thoughtful. Beautiful wallet!
  10. HBD! I love your matching wallet!
  11. What a wonderful hubby! You are one lucky woman!
  12. LOVE It!!! :yes: What a sweet hubby. :love:
  13. Yeah!!! Love it!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  14. Thanks girls! As soon as I get some ENERGY, I'll take pics!
  15. Wow!!!! Lucky, lucky you! He's a pretty smart hubby! That's so awesome and sweet! Congrats!