And Behind Door Number One We Have....

  1. The wretched FedEx man didn't make it by the time I left work, so I've got to go back later to get the Glace, but here's a little fodder for the time being.

    Obviously the security tag is still on since I've got another one to agonize over. The color isn't really showing true. It's sort of a light taupe color, which is great for year round. This one is a major contender if for no other reason than it's next to impossible to find this bag any more and the Glace is new stock that I could get later if I'm in love with it.

    I'm in SO MUCH trouble....LOVES! :push:

    2007_0813Image0106.JPG 2007_0813Image0104.JPG 2007_0813Image0112.JPG 2007_0813Image0114.JPG
  2. Greeeeat. Just checked the FedEx tracking number. They delivered 20 minutes after I left. Oh well..... back I go, after my pedicure.

    What is it with me and new pedicures for new bags?:confused1:
  3. Wow, that hardware is GOLD! Looks great on you.:tup:
  4. it looks gorgeous! :smile:it's just perfect with the size and the color
  5. PP, gimme that bag. LOL!! looks awesome, I love the hardwear, from bluefly huh, so you got a great deal.Keep it!! well depending if you like the other bag.
  6. It looks amaazing on you! Cant wait to check out the other bag you got also...Im thinking you are going to have a super tough decision to make.
  7. Here she is. Funny, first time in my LIFE I got the Prada box and she's going back!!! :push:


    I'm just not feeling this one at all. There's no "smoosh factor" like my black "Choo Choo". The color really is weird to describe. It's sort of brownish gray/grayish brown color. It's a tote in the truest sense. It actually only has the side wall zip pocket. No cell phone pocket at all. Me no likey. And it is way wide open, even snapped shut since it's a stiffer leather. I am however,crazy, mad in love with the two tone hardware!! I wear gobs of two tone jewelry, my anniversary ring on my finger is two tone as is my diamond bracelet, so that part rocks my world.

    Sooooo, she (and my only ever Prada box) will be getting packed up to make a return trip to BG. The dragon bag? Somebody SAVE ME!!!!! :hysteric:
    2007_0813Image0117.JPG 2007_0813Image0118.JPG 2007_0813Image0123.JPG 2007_0813Image0127.JPG 2007_0813Image0129.JPG
  8. keep the dragon bag definetly
  9. Yes keep the dragon!!!! Love the hardwear on that bag, but it looks big for you as well, to
  10. Ohhhhhhh yes PP, you found the dragon! Love it on you. KEEP IT!
    Hope you got a great deal from BF?
  11. I too would keep the dragon bag..I LOVES IT!
  12. PP -- I LOVE your dragon. That puppy is sporting some serious hardware! And I think it's done sooo nicely! I love the second pic that shows the chain thingy. It really looks perfect on you, too! I say BRAVA to the dragon! (And I'm not even fond of drasgons but ya know, it's pretty, it's Prada, it's on a bag... LalaLa...!
  13. Hey, wait a sec! PP-- what's that second tag on the left front??? Do tell!
  14. The Dragon looks better on you, though I do like the other one, think it would look great with jeans
  15. Glad it worked out -- that the decision ended up being made for you!