And back to the store it goes

  1. I got my long-awaited LE Neiman's blue bag today. It turns out that it's been sitting in DH's office for a while (I got free shipping and I think no tax somehow if I sent it to another name) and he was neglecting to bring it home. We straightened that out last night ;) and it came home today. But, in the meantime, my enthusiasm was waning. I thought I might open the package and love it, but, nope, I barely looked at it, decided it was too heavy, I don't like the color as much as I liked everyone's pictures of the color, and I'm still not sold on GH, even in gunmetal. So, there's a trip to the mall in my weekend plans. I'm a little bummed. It seems like so much more of a letdown after waiting a while for the delivery.

    I also feel a little bit bad, since I also returned the last bag I got from NM. That was from a different store and different SA though. At least with that one I didn't just change my mind -- they sent me plomb when I has asked for anthracite.

    I do have to confess that I ordered a Miu Miu bag yesterday because I suspected I might not love this one. :shame:
  2. Well, my motto is if you aren't CRAZY about a bag, then it must go back!
  3. ^^^ I agree. There's something else out there that will capture your heart.
  4. sorry you didn't like your new bag, but now you can get something you love :smile:
  5. If you're not digging it when you first see it, then it's not meant to be. The excitement has to be there at the getgo. I hope the Miu Miu bag works for you!! BTW, I :heart::heart::heart: my Anthracity!!! I wish I could post pics, but I am technically challenged :sad:. Thanks again for your help!!!
  6. I sent mine back too. :sad: I miss it.... and I sort of wish I still had it, but... I was totally IN LOVE with it. You know??
  7. Sorry! It's a beautiful bag, but yeah, if it's not LOVE, it's not worth it.
  8. I did the exact same thing...I was talking myself into loving it and realized that she just had to go back...
  9. it happens. i am a strong believer in loving the things you buy or it is going back. hope the miu miu works out for you.
  10. :yes:
    Yup, deffinitely take it back and get something you are going to be crazy about! I am not going to be getting any GH bags, but just wondering is the weight of the bags that noticably different?
  11. Thanks all. I was feeling a little bad, but I know it's the right thing to do. I think I would have been more excited if I'd gotten it right away, but with it sitting in DH's office, I was just sort of eh by the time it arrived.

    boobookitty - I'm so glad you are loving your Anthracity. I totally :love: mine too. Someone posted yesterday (sorry - can't remember who) that she was returning hers to Saks BH, and I was actually tempted to call and get it, even though I already have one. I love it that much! (Which is really a clear sign that this NM bag should go back, since I have none of those feelings for it.)

    Deana - I'll try to weigh an RH and the GH City on my kitchen scale tonight when I get home and post the weights. I'm sure it's just a couple of pounds, but empty, the GH felt heavier than my RH with my regular stuff in it.

    I did also think the City looks significantly smaller with the GH, which I remember people commenting on. I actually stacked them against each other to check because I was convinced the GH bag was smaller. Nope. Optical illusion.
  12. That often happens to me as well; I order something online and somehow manage to get bored of it before I even get it. Sometimes, I realize, I simply need to spend money for the sake of doing so, and then I regret it.

    Miu Miu bags are gorgeous and have veryyyyy soft leather; I think you will be pleased with it!
  13. Mine went back to I just didn't love the color!