and another scarf issue.....

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  1. So, here's the thing. I've been accumulating scarves. I love them. I love the new ones and I have to admit a passion for the vintage ones. Today I got one of three I bought last week (just freaking shoot me now.....) and I'm beginning to panic about storage.

    Now, I know we've gone through this before but I'm so dang lazy tonight I don't want to have to search the entire forum for the answer to this.....I thought I'd just start a whole new conversation. Or maybe someone will pipe up and give me a solution right off the bat.

    Right now, I have the new ones nicely folded inside individual flat plastic zip-top see-through envelopes about 9-1/2 x 12. This allows me to see the design and also label each one by name, year issued and artist (kinda anal retentive about this, I know). I keep the vintage ones in individual orange Hermes scarf boxes with the same types of labeling on the front of each box.

    Since I'm running out of room for all these beauties I need some suggestions on how to store them with easy visibility while still retaining the information of each scarf!!!!

    I need storage assistance......and possibly......some serious scarf intervention.
  2. They should call you Thread Master!!! Damn woman, I can't keep up with all these threads!
  3. man, I can't help D. I'm an anally-retentive Scorpio, too....I keep ALL mine in their orange boxes, stacked in an armoire, labelled.

    You know, I stacked them all on top of each other the other day when I was cleaning out the armoire, and the stack was taller than I am!

    *too many scarves, GF....*
  4. First things first! Pictures. I demand pictures!!!
  5. get a dresser just for them. I have a whole dresser devoted to my scarfs.
  6. I do not bother with the boxes or lableing them or anything, I organize them just as they are in the store. I'll take an example picture. Give me a sec.
  7. Well, let's see, it's all I can manage to put mine in a drawer. I use my grandmother's lingerie chest , the drawers are about 18" across, and I dunno how deep, but deep enough the scarves don't wrinkle. I fold the scarves loosely in quarters, and lay them in the drawer, slightly overlapping from left to right, kinda like they show them in the stores. Fits about 6 in a drawer. I have only 6 H scarves, a couple dating back to 1970, but also have many other lovely vintage scarves that belonged to my late mother. Those go in the other drawers, below the H ones, of course! That way, I can just pick one by the edge and slide it out. Does that help?
  8. But Bagg, you own the company that makes the dressers!!!! I DIE a thousand deaths of JOY everytime I see a pic of your wardrobes!!!!!!:yahoo:
  9. D, I can't comment on storage. I had to PM hello to ask her how myself!

    But what I want to ask is ..... may we see pictures of your new scarves? There are a couple that I like from and they have yet to arrive at my store. I ordered them but it will surely take a while to arrive ... so some pictures of the new scarves would be swell while I wait for mine to arrive. :heart:
  10. haha, My husband made this dresser. He's into Zebra wood. Wild man he is!

    so, you girls with all that Birkin money should contract me to make you a scarf dresser!!! :graucho: at a discount price that is!!! I can deliver!
  11. an example:

    Normally I have them grouped by design, but I just piled them in for the pic......
    Scarf Storage1.JPG

  12. Oh. Looky at all the lovely orange boxs. I love orange.
  13. If you could deliver to Australia, I WOULD !!!!!!!!:yes:
  14. GF, what is it that you use to make these transparent labels? I have been thinking how to label the boxes for my bags ... or should I just take a picture of my bags and stick to each box .... for the visual satisfaction :graucho: ?
  15. I label my bag boxes the same way. In fact ALL my Hermes I label like this! It's a DYMO 9mm tape, black on clear.