and another! opinions would help! Betty needs it

  1. NAP delivered me another baby. It says on the website that it was silver - there is no way this is silver. More like a bronze colour. Most of you will know since I found Chloe Babe her Blue Betty I have been like a crazed woman to find one. The plain coloured ones seem hard to find so I go this. What does everyone reckon? Would plain colour be better or is this one a keeper?
  2. I love it! I really have to get one eventually, the Betty just rocks! Congrats!
  3. It looks like the pewter to me. I think it's gorgeous and a definite keeper! :drool:

    Jag - You need to get a Betty!!! NOW!!! :nuts:
  4. You know I think this is the best Betty I've seen so far!!! i love the colour. I always find betty design slightly boxy and dull but the metallic shade really give it a edge!! I would prefer this one than the plain colour one. It looks silvery to me!! I hope you keep it. I really likes it, I may have to investigate further!!!
  5. aw thanks Jag - it was one of those bags that I have never seen in real life and that day I picked up Chloe Babes for her it was love at first sight. Cheers
  6. You are so bad:roflmfao::p
  7. You got a truly gorgeous Betty! That leather looks amazing, and the color is seriously TDF! hold on tight to this baby! It really is fabulous!
  8. It looks more silver than bronze to me actually, and I'm loving your new bag!!! Was this on sale?
  9. ^^^ Yip it was on the sale - 800 pounds reduced to 500. I think the pictures I posted do make it look a littke silver but in real life it is a bronze colour. Just need to decide whether to keep her or not.
  10. Sam

    It is BEAUTIFUL, the colour is devine, really different to how it looks on the website.

    I think this could be a keeper ;)

    Congratulations on your very own Betty baby ;)
  11. Jools cheers - I am now officially your bag twin with matching paddies and purses and now (not colour)but matching betty's!

    Maybe I am your deciple - Chloe-Babe's understudy!!!!
  12. Definitely looks like Pewter. Such a gorgeous color!!! I have been on the fence about Bettys, but this one makes me love them!! LOL
  13. Thanks everyone for your kind comments - see you all make me want to keep her! Just 5 mins ago though I ordered a stam (which I have been looking for for ages) so its going to have to be decision time soon! Gulp
  14. :nuts: :yahoo: I love your metallic Betty! I ordered one yesterday from NAP and it is at my DHL depot waiting for me to collect - I didn't get there in time today and now I have to wait until Monday :crybaby: I hate!

    I have a Stam too - they are such different bags and I don't know how you will choose between them :shrugs: Perhaps you can keep both! :push: ;) :graucho:
  15. :graucho: ^^ Bal I would love to be able to keep both but hopefully get my Blueberry SPy next week as well as all the paddy goodies I have puchased this month I dont think i can - can I?