And another new (to me) name - Kimberley Yurisich

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  1. Has anyone encountered her bags? According to a fashionista friend of mine, her 'word of mouth' appeal is rapidly spreading and her online collections are being visited more and more each day - anyone already familiar with her designs?
  2. haven't heard the name either but checked out her website....

    not my style really but I do love the idea of the up and coming quality designers - this is why Belen Echandia was so attractive to me..keep those names coming!

    What do you think of the bags?
  3. these bags are stunning!
  4. I am torn - I think the shapes are terrific but the colours don't really do it for me. I will keep an eye on her though - it is always really interesting to me to see 'word of mouth' designers develop. The other person I have been keeping an eye on is Angel Jackson, but I think she is somewhat ahead of the game these days.