And another khaki baby cabas......

  1. Mine arrived today. It is a beauty-- i love the color!! Everything about the bag is stunning!!!:wlae:

    I love the cc logo, it is heavy, I guess I thought it would be light weight.

    I did not post pics, by now I am sure you girls have seen all the khaki baby Cabas pics you can handle. But I did want to report on the arrival and say this bag really is everything I thought it would be. Lovin' it!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats! We're bag twins :smile: And I'm sure everyone would love to see pics!
  3. congrats! i love seeing pic of people modeling the bag!!! that would inspire me about how to mix and match my bronze cabas with my wardrobe!!!
  4. Post pics, we love pics!
  5. :yahoo: :yahoo: Penny, congrats! I'm so glad you love it. The color is stunning, isn't it? :yes:
  6. Congrats!!! We love pictures, please post some of yours too. =)
  7. Congrats and yes please post pics!
  8. YAY! Congrats Penny! And please share pics, I can never get sick of the khaki baby cabas, such a beautiful bag
  9. Congrats, Penny!:yahoo: We never get tired of pics, so show us some!
  10. OK girls-- will post pics tomorrow, can't today FULL schedule.

    Thanks so much all for your sweet post. I just didn't won't to be overbearing with pics. You all are the BEST -
  11. YAY for pics! I love this bag sooo much. So glad you got it!
  12. Congrats Penny! It's a great bag to carry. I especially love the thick chain and leather straps.
  13. I can't wait to see your pics Penny.:graucho:
  14. Pics tomorrow I promise--
    Thanks so much girls!!!! You all are the best~~~~
  15. Congrats. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.