and another great wallet

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  1. tan crinkle Hayden Harnett wallet:


    goes well with YSL Rive Gauche ?

  2. Yes it does. I've got to say, I love YSL bags (from afar, of course. I have had a long unrequited love affair with the Muse, but this one looks fabulous as well!)
  3. what a gorgeous combo!!
  4. Great color combo! The wallet really pops against the bag. So perfect!
  5. Love the wallet set! It's such a yummy color! & your YSL Rive Gauche compliments it nicely. :drool:
  6. thanks :hugs:
  7. You totally scored on the wallet and keyfob! TCP is really cool! Love the YSL bag too:heart:
  8. We are wallet twins! I bought one off Bonanzle too. Absolutely love it!
  9. yes, mine was from Bonanzle :biggrin: yeeeeeeee
  10. Very pretty together. You have me thinking about the crinkle patent for a wallet now.
  11. I red a thread about longevity of crinkle patent wallets, and reading how great they are, I just decided to get one, saw on Bonanzle this color and yepeeeeee

    did not get it yet though, hope it is nice IRL as well
  12. vesna - I love your YSL and how all your accessories match so nicely with your gorgeous bags!
  13. Damn, Vesna - that bag is lovely. Almost looks like molten caramel, poured into bag form. Delicious.
  14. thanks kdo, :hugs:
  15. it is, I did not dream when I bought it, it so much better IRL as any other YSL bag, pics do not do justice