And added to my BE family is.... the Hug Me in Choco crash!!!!!!

Oct 24, 2006
W.O.W. - all i can say is wow. I am I had bought this in the black glossy but it was too boring for me. And although I really do need an everyday black bag, i was torn between black crash and choco crash - so i went with my gut that said choose what you love over being so practical and exchanged for a choco crash with gold HW and I am IN LUV!!!!! I promise, pinky promise to post pics but for not being a metallic girl, this is the best metallic for me - muted and subtle yet beautiful and SOOO lightweight!!! I love the Hug Me style so I knew that would be a winner and honestly, I would have loved to have seen this in the purple crash!!!! But i am sooooooo happy with the choco crash!!!

Now on the grab the MMS midi in the purple crash - lovebags2, I didn't see your thread until today but i had already decided to be one of those attorneys who wants the "new black"! Plus, I have my black crash Charm Me for when i DO need a black bag...

and has anyone wondered why the WTM or WTM midi isn't coming in the black crash??? i thought THAT would have been the perfect rocker style to rock the black crash!!!!




Oct 29, 2007
can't wait for the pics, the HM is my favorite of the latest collection

Oct 24, 2006
Have you worn her out yet? She sounds divine....
Today is day 2 and i love her - she's a keeper (few BE bags aren't!) - i have all my stuff and love either carrying her hand held or in crook of elbow. this bag would be awesome in black crash too!