Ancient Inspiration?

  1. So, I was browsing through my study books (will start Egyptology at University next September), and noticed that some bags have ancient features! For instance, note the secret tube thing on the Fendi take a look at statues of ancient Egyptian kings (say, Tutankhamen)...See their beards? Looks like the spy has an Egyptian beard! Another one is the small clutch Novak by's chain looks like an ancient Egyptian wig! (sorry I can't post pictures right now, my scanner's dead)

    What do you ladies think?
    masktutankamun.jpg tutankamen_2_200.jpg
  2. I think you are right!:nuts: It does look like the beard!!!
  3. What a great observation!!:nuts:
  4. Maybe those were secret compartments too???

    COOL! thanks for sharing.
  5. Yes--how interesting!
  6. Wow, that's fascinating! :nuts:
  7. How fantastic you ladies agree! I'd expected to be pronounced an idiot for thinking this!:rolleyes: