Ancestry/Genealogy sites??

  1. Can anyone recommend a good, free ancestry/genealogy site?? I am trying to do a little search on family history. I have searched for the last hour and can't find anything except site that want you to pay.

  2. Really, the best thing to do is to work with genealogy archivists at the National Archives in your country. Not sure if this costs in the USA, I know it's free in my country (Canada), and, since all of the passenger lists, marriage registers, etc. are owned by the National Archives anyway, the staff there are in the best position to be of most help.
    The National Library and Archives has its own website with plenty of webbased tools that are online, and request forms etc.

  3. Is there like a website? I am so interested too!
  4. Thanks for the tip melisande, I think this summer I will contact an archivist. Much better to have a pro to work with.
  5. So old... But bump! I'm looking for a good cite for Ellis Island records too if anyone knows! I don't know much (only names) thank you :smile: