~ancestral reveal~tribute to nerdys inspiration:(sparkly) goddess of wisdom


Birdy is back
Sep 2, 2008
New York City
I've always been the abnormal academic. The quantitative analyst with some style and sass (no, i didnt mean strass, i meant sass!). The statistician with prada strass (yes!) reading glasses.

Having studied political history, theory and methods, I have also acquired a ton of random knowledge about where it (politics) all began in ancient Greece and Rome. It was really exciting to realize the history behind my latest shoe obsession was tied to something near and dear to my heart....one of the original female figures in certain mythological histories about politics.

(i know right now your'e like BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!) anyway.... the name dates back to a woman who embodied beauty, mystery and above all, wisdom and intellectual curiosity. So this was a really geeky and exciting tidbit for me, nerdy birdy...