ANATOMY OF A POCHETTE: a quick and mini guide

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  1. **I'm not using my usual camera so the pics are sloppy.
    But here's a mini guide that I put together while trying to kill time.



    I just love the Pochette. It took me a year (or so) to actually buy it! And here's my little review and why you just can't live without one!

    It makes a great Day/Evening clutch. Also a fabulous alternative to the Oval, Giant Traveler, and Make Up.

    As some of you might remember, I wasn't really loving my blink-and-you-missed-it Black Giant Traveler. The price, the Gold Giant, etc, just didn't sit well with me. So the search began, again. During the trunk show, I had asked Daphne to show me all the Pochettes they have left...they only had 3: two SS 07 black and an SS 06 Lilac. Pointie and I managed to nab the blacks - not sure if the Lilac is still there.

    Price: US $695

    Not discontinued!

    It measures 7 inches height x


    11 inches length x


    2 inches wide

  2. The main compartment has a zipper closure (but no dividers unlike the Giant Traveler)...





    w/ opened flap...





    Balenciaga will be receiving the POCHETTES for Fall/Winter in very very limited quantities. I was able to reserve the Marigold...and Pointie the Paprika (which from the photos, I just know it will be GORGEOUS!
  3. You never cease to amaze us!! :nuts: Thanks for the low-down ICB!!!
  4. ICB - great mini guide! any idea of the colors these will come in, besides marigold and paprika? thanks! :kiss:
  5. Thanks for the pics! I had no idea the pochette had some depth to it, which was holding me back. I thought it was flat. Heavens, I don't know how I'm going to be able to afford everything...
  6. Thanks for the guide ICB! Fun and informative as always!
  7. ^^ ACK, stop that, you're making me want one!!! :wtf: :sos: :Push:
  8. ICB-you did it again:yahoo:. I think Balenciaga should give you a commision for writing all details about their products. And the bad (for my bank account), you always made me want to purchase it. But anyway...I really appreciate your time & detail description. Good job :tup:
  9. Thank you! I've been curious about this style for some time, but have been hesitant to order once since I hadn't seen in in person and didn't really know what it was like opened up. :woohoo:

    You're the best!
  10. ICB, Thanks for the pochette guide! There was also a very very dark brown one at the trunk show too... am still dreaming about it.

    I like the idea of using this as a travel wallet to pop in a bigger bag -- passport, money and all kinds of stuff for travel -- or as a clutch for travel. It fits my treo! that's nice for a clutch bag!
  11. ICB done it again!:woohoo: wonderful presentation!

    lets all race and get our pochette...ready, set, go! lolz! jk!:P

    seriously, its a nice grab and go bag:tup:
  12. Dang you ICB!!! Now you have introduced me to a style I didn't know existed before...and of course I have to have it!!! CURSES!!! :hysteric:
  13. I really would love to see a pic of someone carrying this...
  14. Well, I have a Magenta one I have yet to use but the size is AWESOME! It holds so much!
  15. LOL! BAGDIZZY! That was my original title for this thread!!!!