ANATOMY OF A CLUTCH: in coral blue's guide to the Oval, Make up, and Giant Traveler..

  1. ANATOMY OF A CLUTCH: in coral blue’s guide to the Oval, Make up, and Giant Traveler


    OVAL CLUTCH $695
    Discontinued after the Fall Winter 2006 Collection.


    Oval Clutch in Greige
    Fall Winter 2006 (W)

    At first sight, I thought the Oval clutch was just ok. I personally liked the pochette
    better. But with recent sightings (through photos!) of Mary Kate Olsen carrying her white Oval Clutch around town, it got me wondering what the fuss was all about.


    Upon careful inspection I was actually surprised how quickly I warmed up to poor little Oval. The odd size and shape, reminds me of an Ostrich egg. However, the beauty of it is it’s functionality.

    It’s a perfect clutch as it can be carried both day and night. Nothing about the Oval Clutch overtly screams evening and it wouldn’t feel so out of placed being carried in the daytime as well, Sunday brunch anyone?

    Dimensions: 13.5" x 9.5" – measured at the widest points of the clutch

    two magnetic snap closures


    Front zipper opening: 6.5"

    Inside zippered compartment opening: 6.25"

    Comes with mirror (smaller than your average Bbag mirror…but no ID slot on the reverse side)
  2. MAKE UP CLUTCH $495


    MU CLUTCH in Grey
    Spring Summer 2006 (C)

    My very first sighting of the Make Up Clutch was during the 2002 Academy Awards. The gorgeous Julianne Moore was the very first person to ever carry it (in Emerald), a gift from Nicolas. It matched perfectly to her Yves Saint Laurent by Tom Ford ruffled evening gown. Chloe Sevigny and many others soon followed. I think it was around $425 when it was first released.


    leather tag
    Dimensions: 8" x 5.5" x 1.5"

    Front zipper opening: 4"


    Main compartment zipper opening: 6.5"

    It fits a Neiman Marcus gift card (same size as a credit card)…

    released Spring Summer 2007 Collection


    Giant Traveler in Black
    Spring Summer 2007 (V)

    The perfect companion for the Balenciaga jetsetter. It’s perfect to carry all your important documents: passports, tickets, ID, cash, etc when you travel. However, it can also serve as an oversized wallet or even a clutch on a night out. Keep in mind that there are four dividers so you can only put in so much…a razor phone might work but nothing thicker…or else it would just be too bulky.

    When carried as a clutch, the Giant Traveler really exudes a rock n’ roll kind of attitude…you think I’m kidding? I dare you to try one on and see for yourself.

    Now, let’s get down to business…

    9.75” length x 6.5” height x 1.5” width (approx)

    Front zipper opening: 6.25”


    Main compartment zipper opening: 14” (there’s 3.5 inches of excess zipper tabs on each end…creating the “Flying nun” look). Which you can easily tuck it in to create a more clutchy look….as I had shown you in this thread:


    The inside compartment is about 4.5 inches deep

    6 Credit card / ID slots

    Giant Hardware (studs) is .75 inches wide


    Giant Traveler; Oval Clutch; Make up Clutch​


    Giant Traveler; Oval Clutch


    Giant Traveler; Make up Clutch


    Oval Clutch; Make up Clutch


    Please feel free to request more comparison pics that comes to mind.


  5. Oh they are all so beautiful:drool: I want them all:drool:
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  12. Great thread incoral! I was actually wondering what the size difference between the oval clutch and the make-up clutch was the other day - now I know! Thanks so much for a very informative thread.
    As for the three beauties - I'll have one of each please:yes:
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