Anastasia Eyebrows before and after

  1. Does anyone use the Anastasia stencils? I'm dying to see people's before and after photos of their eyebrows!!
  2. i do every once in awhile but i have no befores :push:.
  3. i don't have pics either, but I really like their selected Nordies there is an Anastasia rep who does eyebrow waxing for about $35.
  4. I use the stencils on occasion but have no before pics. I've had pretty much the same eyebrow shape for a while and only use the stencils when I want to do a little cleaning up on my own. Otherwise I get my eyebrows threaded if it's more than I can manage.

  5. I soooooo want to get threading done, I heard it is fantastic. I know you can get it down at the mid eastern or ethiopian shops. I have to let them grow out first. I have very thick eyebrows.
  6. same here :smile:
  7. I"ve been to her salon and had great results, but it's $$$. I haven't used her stencils. I use the Paula Dorf eyebrow stencil and brow shadow.
  8. I would love to get my eyebrows done by Ms. Anastacia herself! until then I use her stencils too
  9. Wouldn't that be wonderful!!! I have wanted to do that forever now.