Anastasia Eyebrow Kit

  1. Anyone get it after seeing her on Oprah? I saw Sephora and Nordstrom have them but I want to know if any of you have used it. I guess you can't mess up since you are using a stencil.
  2. I picked one up last week from Sephora. I found that the powder that was in the kit was not very useful with the stencil, so I used an old blue :shocked: eyeliner pencil to fill in the stencil so I could see what I was doing. Then I took the included tweezers (which are really quite good) and yanked all those little hairs out! I must say, it looks much better. If I were to do it again, I would only buy the stencils and the tweezers. I don't have much use for the rest of it. I would use the gel, but the SA at Sephora also sold me on a blond gel from the same line, now my eyebrows more closely match my hair. I never noticed how much darker they were. :blink: All in all, I am quite happy with it.
  3. i don't have the kit, but my esthetician was trained by anastasia. its almost twice as much to have her do my brows, but what a difference. the technique is amazing. she calls it celebrity brows and my BF makes fun of me every time i go, but even he compliments me on the shape. it also takes about twice as long. she uses a powder pencil to define the shape rather than the powder and stencil.
  4. I guess I'll practice at home and hope I know what to do!
  5. I have seen the results and it looks amazing, but too much work for me to buy
  6. I've been using it for ages. My kit has lasted forever-but her tweezers suck. Tweezerman tweezers are much better. I have yet to have found a better stencil system. I was trained to do brows in cosmetology school,and she does them by the book. Her technique is flawless.
  7. I also go to someone that was trained by Anastasia and my brows have never looked bettter. In between appointments I use the stencil and my own tweezers, simple and effective.
  8. A lot of work, decent product but not worth it IMO. My sister gets her brows done by Anastasia in Beverly Hills bi-weekly and when she comes to NYC to visit me, her brows look worse and worse. She thins them out tooooooo much. The one thing I do like is her tweezers. They are very good and a bit costly but I think it's worth it.
  9. I saw the kit at Sephora today. Looked like it would be a LOT of work!!!!! I heard that her tweezers are good, so I bought them.
  10. I use the brows gel, really like it, the best so far.