Anastasia Beverly Hills

  1. I live in a small town, and occasionally we have people from outside the area visit a small boutique.
    Joann Parenti from Anastasia Beverly Hills is coming to the boutique to do eyebrow shaping.
    I think my eyebrows are OK. They have been the same way since I was 14, but always would like some pointers.
    Has anyone been to one of these?
    Also, there is a team of Bobbi Brown stylists coming in a few days later as well. I have several of her products but wanted to see what they recommend.
    Thanks in advance for any information you can give me.
  2. ^ I love Anastasia! She used to do my brows when I lived in LA. She started at this salon Juan Juan and was SOOOO popular she opened her own place. I live in Chicago now and the girl who does my brows was trained by Anastasia. She uses the same process, wax and pluck, and is marvelous. DO IT! They don't do cookie cutter, they do what is best for your face. I don't let anyone else near my brows.
  3. Thanks for the input. I will schedule an appointment.
  4. I made the appointments. Thanks gals.
  5. Lucky you! I never let anyone touch my brows... but I would let someone from Anastasia! :yes:

    I would not let anyone from Bobbie Brown touch my brows, however. They are usually just outsourced make-up assistants, which is not a bad thing, but they are not trained by Bobbi Brown. (They probably had a quick course and were hired to demonstrate the line.)
  6. ^^That's good to know about the BB girls. I really just want to get some concealer. I've always read about her concealer and how great it was. In her book, she said if she could only pick one item to wear when going outside the house, it would be concealer.
  7. I get my eyebrows done regularly by a rep. from Anastasia (here in Miami)- no matter how good you think your eyebrows look, Anastasia's methods will undoubtedly make them look better - I get waxed and plucked, shaped and filled in and glossed - wow!!! I love that she's right here at my local Nordies and she's soooo good!
  8. Which salon??? I am trying a new place tomorrow but would love a recommendation.
  9. The cost is $25. Do you tip the person as well? Do they also try to sell you items, and if so, what is a good recommendation? Thanks!
  10. I don't know about tipping at a boutique. I would assume the same rules apply. If so, I guess I would tip about $5 (20%) for the eyebrows.

    As for the Bobbi Brown folks, I am sure they will try and sell you some stuff. I used to wear some Bobbi Brown stuff but now I most wear Trish McAvoy and YSL so I can't recommend anything specific. Maybe just buy one thing like the concealer but only if you love it (not because you feel obligated) or perhaps buy a product from them that you have already been using and know works for you.
  11. Thanks. They are coming to a clothing boutique. I just wasn't sure what to do in that situation. I already told myself: one item from BB.
  12. are you gals taking about anastasia herself? umm because she charges well beyond $25.00. More like in the thousands.
  13. No, it's one of the ladies from her salon.
  14. I checked her website and it only costs $75 to have your eyebrows shaped by Anastasia herself.

    Beverly Hills Salon
  15. Coachwife- let us know how it turns out!!!

    I need to find someone great to do my eyebrows. Mine aren't thick at all, and really don't need much work, but I want them to be perfectly shaped by someone who knows what they are doing.