Anastasia All About Brows Kit --- two thumbs up

  1. Hi girls!

    I just wanted to wholeheartedly recommend Anastasia's All About Brows Kit:

    I have had problem eyebrows for quite a while, and wanted an at home solution. I was planning on having Anastasia do my brows when I'm in LA next month, but they were driving me crazy so I decided to try her kit.

    It is awesome! I'm terrible at make-up, but her stencils made it so easy... even for someone like me (and that's saying a lot). My eyebrows look good for the first time in years. Her tweezers are awesome, too... I don't know what it is, but it doesn't hurt nearly as much with hers. Maybe their being cute and pink helped? lol
  2. I was wondering whether the kit was worth it. I have had An-trained person do my brows and they are looking much better.
  3. I have the kit and it's great, mostly for the in-between appointments period. I also have somebody "An-trained" that makes wonder with my eyebrows!!!
  4. Yes!! I love this kit!!! Its also the best eyebrow powder I have ever used, and the best brow gel...GREAT kit!
  5. I was wondering about this kit... I've seen it at Sephora, but hadn't heard any reviews on it. I do have the eyebrow gel, which I bought on its own, and I really like it. Thanks for the review!
  6. I LOVE this kit as well! The stencils make it sooo easy and it's true about the tweezers also - doesn't hurt as much! :tup::tup:
  7. i was wondering about this and how it looks in pictures....any pictures for those who use this kit?? =) thanks!!
  8. I want to try Anastasia's scissors and tweezers.
  9. i bought the minikit or travel kit, forget how its termed from sephora for $36 and like the stencils and the eyebrow powder a ton.. i already had great tweezers so i thought it would save me some $$. surprising that the high arch fit my eyebrows the best.. considering i thought i didnt have much of an arch at all, but after using the stencil it was wonderful!