ANANTOMY OF The Brief, The Afternoon, The Mid-Afternoon modeling pics, style info

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  1. OK, well maybe not kill, but grovel, a lot.
    Someone needs to head on over to Bal NY and take some pics for us:yes: That would be so cool!

    Anyone know what the dimensions are?

    Oh to be stuck in the sticks in Canada:censor:
  2. i'm heading over there tomorrow!!! will let u know.
  3. Oh God Fayden, I love you! Can you "stuff" the bag a bit? Put it on your shoulder? On your arm? See if there's a dark coffee and note in great detail the leather please? Oh please?
    I wish I could go too:smile:
  4. I'm concerned that it looks a bit too structured - like the mid-afternoon. I'm having a hard time deciding whether to go for the Brief style or the Work style w/the Giant hardware.????!!

    BTW, here's a link to the TFS thread w/pics of several styles including someone holding the Brief w/Giant hardware (originally posted here on TPF but conveniently displayed all together on TFS):

    (scroll to the bottom)
    the Fashion Spot - Fashion Industry Forums- The NEW Everything Balenciaga Thread
  5. sorry sunspark, looks like i will be going tomorrow, not today! so hopefully someone else will tell us sooner!
  6. Hi friends,
    in Italy the Balenciaga models more popular are the City, the first and the part-time. After Christmas I bought a Mid afternoon because I love the size, the line of design and the rounded profile. What do you think about? Is in your country polular like the others?
    Thank you!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
    Ps....if you look at the front tassel you can see that is more short than my lovely black cat "pilou" was playing with it...and it is broken!!!! :cursing:
  7. I'm sorry!!! the title is
    Mid-afternoon: a Bbag not famous in Italy...

    sorry sorry sorry:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  8. Yeah my doggy ate the tassels off of my mirror and a small chunk of tassel off of the front tassel. Luckily she did not eat the bag!!
  9. Simofirst, I, for one, love the fact, I have posted recently on another thread, I think this style will be my next BBag acquisition :yes:

    I do have a question though for you or anyone else that might the 07 Mid'As come with the Giant Hardware? Or, just with the regular hardware?

    Does ANYONE know? Does ANYONE have pics?? I'm dying to know b/c I really want a vert gazon or blue de france in the bag with GH....

  10. Dear Larnette,
    I read in a web site that 2007 collection will be product in giant gold hardware and in the regular hardware. I've never seen the Mid-Aft in giant hardware yet but only a new model : the Brief.
    here is the picture..
  11. Yea, I've seen the brief and am definitely considering it as well....just curious as to the Mid A in particular...hmmmm....:shame:
  12. Dear Larnette, I love my Mid-aft because the design is pretty, brief is nice to........could I take it next time.....
    when you will buy one of them please take a picture and I'll enjoy it!!!:nuts:

  13. Hey simofirst!
    Your Mid-A is so pretty!!! What color is it?
  14. I love the MidA style and yours is particularly gorgeous. I'm definitely going to get one in the future...the size and shape really show off the Balenciaga leather to its best potential.
  15. Hi friends,
    thank you to enjoy my Mid-aft, the colour is beige camel/cognac
    I like it because the colour is perfect with neutral clothing.
    I bought it just after Christmas 2006.
    Who have the mid-aft in other colour please, could take a picture?
    thank you!!