Ananas Isabel in Mango -- Helppp

  1. Please someone help me find this damn bag in this color!

    It's an orangey color.. and it's not in stock anywhere.. :sad:

    Here's a photo of the bag in white
  2. WOW!!!!!! :heart::drool::heart:
  3. Haha.. Thanks Slush, I was looking for the Isabel
    The Mango color is just awesome.

    here it is in Teal

    Ugh.. I absolutely need this bag in mango :sad:
  4. ^ I know how you feel! I NEED the Mari in mango!

    ...I'm hoping one of these days to walk by a store and see it in the window where there will be a spotlight on it and angels playing harps in the background.
  5. Ugh! Damn them! LOL