Ananas Furoshiki Collection

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  1. I just found these bags and I thought they are so unique and different! It is on my wishlist right now! What color would you guys suggest?

    Here is a pic of the cherry red. I was thinking of that since I don't have any red bags and thought that this color would be fun. Otherwise I was thinking the black or brown. I am definitely open to any suggestions though
  2. Not bad at all! I like the shape and the folded front, the handles could be a little thicker perhaps. Do you have any idea about the material?
  3. Looks like one of my favorite shirts lol, the V I mean :biggrin: Cute.
  4. I love it, it's nothing like what I usually like except its clean & simple design. It doesn't look much on it's own but it becomes very stylish as soon as it's been carried (I looked at the pictures on their site. Now we know how important photography is in a marketing campaign).

    If I get one, it will be the old gold which is great for both summer & winter. This is exactly what Bag-of-Fashion talked about in another thread about non-designer bag. This is one of those non-famous (or not-yet) bag I would consider. Munchkyn, definitely let me know if you are getting one, I would love to see it on you! And I wonder how they charge shipping.

    Thumb-FuroshikiOnBench[1].jpg Thumb-PewterGrande[1].jpg
  5. The material is leather as a read from some other sites on this bag. A site called summerblu has these bags for 260 but then there is also a 20% discount code which is pf20. So the bag turns out to be 200 free shipping! It is really a great deal. This site someone had posted a week ago about the michelle frantz bag I believe.
  6. I really need your guys help! Malee just posted a 30% code for that has this bag and now it is only $182 free shipping instead of $260. So I am totally getting this bag. What color would you guys suggest? I am so torn I like the red, sepia (brown) and old gold. Maybe black
  7. Munchkyn, go get it! It's a great deal. I would an Old gold but summerblu doesn't seem to have it. They have the red you want though!! Lucky you!

  8. So I bought the red one for $182 free shipping! I can't wait to get it and I will tell you guys about it!
  9. It seems that they are out of most colors now. :amazed:
  10. Wow! I can't believe there is no more black or red! I just bought the bag last night at about 10:00pm central time and both were still in stock! I think the big discount and 30% shipping really had people buying this bag fast...
  11. To anyone to has the bag....

    I had actually been looking at this for awhile a few months back but never followed through on it. What is the leather like? I've never seen the bag in person, my only concern is that the leather looks a bit thin. Also, is it just open on the top or is there some sort of closure?
  12. There is a magnetic closure but I will tell you more about it once I get it. I just ordered it 11/25 and the item was sent out already 11/26 usps and should arrive by Tuesday!
  13. Update us! Did you get the bag yet? Do you love it? :love:
  14. Whoops I just saw this post! Sorry, I did get the bag a loooong time ago! I absolutely love it. It holds all my necessities and is very comfortable and goes well with any of my jeans!
  15. Great! Thanks for the update. :biggrin: