Ananas Collection handbags

  1. Hey girls.

    I've been secretly loving the Ananas Isabel.. and have been after one in Mango.

    Do any of you ladies own an Ananas bag? How is the quality? Mind taking pics?? :biggrin:
  2. I have the blue tessa, I'd say it looks fabulous but that's all. Not very practically designed, looks like they're saving trouble for themselves in every aspect. Actually one zip and a few more buttons would make me pretty satisfied.

    IMO, buy it if you are into the style, but never at full price.:smile:
  3. Did you win the auction? The leather is lovely and from trying on some, they are impractically designed (but sure pretty! ).
  4. Haha.. Yes, I did win the auction, Amanda. ;) so I paid waaay less than retail, of course.

    But I'm going to switch out those small buttons for the larger wooden buttons, I found them at a trimming store today.

    Overall, I agree that they're impractically designed... especially the tessa.. it's amean to be a crossbody, but has no top zip, which is a little odd for me. I was hoping I would not find problems with the Isabel as it's a flap with a magnetic closure. We'll see, I guess!

    zhen14, mind posting pics of your bag and interior photographs as well? I'm really interested in seeing more of the interior and stitching, etc.
  5. I've fondled a few at Takashimaya, the leather is so soft! They don't seem to be the sturdiest bags but they are beautifully crafted.
  6. i have one and adore it , its the pleated hobo and its convertable which i love from a long to short strap so it can go cross body or just be a shoulder hobo

    the leather is so soft, i think its very sturdy i shove all sorts of heavy stuff into it and never feel like its going to break :smile:

    and the wood details are amazing (thats another reason i chose this one alone with a non resisitable sale was that it has this great wooden toggle and loop way of adjusting the strap!)
  7. Congrats Amanda! And :tup: on the bigger wooden buttons, I was thinking of doing that for an ananas bag i was bidding on last month (didn't win though). Big buttons! Great Amanda ideas!

    Post pictures! Before and afters so we may ooooh and ahhhhh!
  8. Haha... I should be getting it soon.. I ran to get big wooden buttons yesterday, so I'm all set to take it to the shoe store. :biggrin:

    slush! thanks for taking pics of your bag! It does look like the leather is very soft!

  9. Anthropologie sells Ananas bags, I think. I don't have one (yet!) but I always fondle them when I see them in the store. Very smooshy and I love the giant buttons and wood details.
  10. I just picked up a few Ananas bags at their sample sale today in DC as they are moving up to NYC. Give a call to 202-445-4845 and see what they can get to you. I don't think the sample sale prices are available after today or for shipping - but they definitely had Mango colored bags and others.
  11. GASP!

    Did they have the Mango Isabel!?
  12. Wow! I just checked out the website, and those bags are sooooo clean-looking. Love their designs!
  13. Luna -
    Just got back from their moving sale and they did have some Isabel's - but no mango....only pink, teal and some metallic/grey with a purple undertone. It appeared that most, if not all, of their bags had some flaws, scratches, etc. on the price reflected these issues. I got a Nicky in Citrus for $125 - but - it has some scratches and the way that the bag attached to the wooden rings on each side is a bit twisted, but hey, only noticeable to us purse-fiends that can spot imperfections in a nano-second. The leathers on most of her bags are the same - and the Nicky and Isabel have the same soft, yummy leather that is rich looking. There are very nice internal pockets to both bags, cell phone, small and large pocket bags and with the Isabel - and entire area in the front of the bag underneath the front flap that is a pocket. Very nice. The buttons on the Isabel are cute too! I almost went for Isabel metallic, but it didn't rest on my shoulder nicely - the strap was too wide for me (I'm short/petite).
    Hope these photos help.
  14. Oh man oh man, how did I miss their moving sale?! I am in DC :sad: WAH.....

    Slush- I LOVE that black Tessa! :heart:
  15. I think their bags are very well crafted with good seams. Some designs are better than others. The leather seems to scratch more easily than some of my other bags, but it just seems to add to the overall charm. I had the Furoshiki Grande by the way. LOVE the nicky- been looking at that for a while.