Ananas Anyone?

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  1. I'm considering the ananas tessa bag. This would be my first bag from ananas. Does anyone have any feedback?
    I just love how the bag converts from hobo to messenger. (I'm planning on using it part-time as a small baby bag) Have you seen any other bags that do this?

    But, I just can't decide on the color.
    Ananas Collection--Ananas Collection

    Suggestions anyone?
    I am in need of a standard black bag, but I feel that the black may not showcase the sunburst design.

    Thanks for any input!
  2. i love that bag - but not in black (sorry). i would rather have a beautiful color than a black bag though.

    also, i wouldn't necessarily buy from ananas - it's final sale only - you're stuck with it if you don't like it!

    here's the blue one at feng junk: Ananas - Tessa Bag, Royal Blue
    and you can use code 'grechen' for 20% off until the end of the year.

    i can't find it in any other colors for a discount, but you can check here for my list of boutiques that sell ananas: Grechens Closet - Ananas Handbags
  3. Thanks Grechen's closet!
    I know what you mean about the black.
    What do you think the next best color would be?
    Can this bag be scotch guarded? I'm just worried about how it will hold up against my daughter =)
  4. that particular bag is cute.. and i was considering it for myself in the grey, but it has no real closure... and that kinda bugged me.. if it's giong to be slung around my body, i'd rather have some sort of secure closure
  5. Never seen this tote, a little too trendy for my classic tastes...looks like it would be fun though, good luck with your decision!
  6. hi! i really like the royal blue - it's such a gorgeous color! but second choice would be grey. you can probably treat the leather with applegard or something. i have never treated my bags, but i know a lot of girls here do.

    good luck!!
  7. Mamabeans, did you end up getting the Tessa? I'm also considering it, but wondering about the opening on top.

    If anyone here has the Tessa, does the lack of closure on top cause a problem for you?
  8. What a nice bag! Did you get it?
  9. I just checked their other bags... gorgeous, shapes and colors. I've never heard of this brand before...
  10. I like it. The blue is gorgeous. I would pick that color. It would great as a small baby bag.
  11. I just bought a gray Tessa bag at the Bloomingdales' sale and love it! I love the way it fits as both a shoulder bag and a messenger bag and it's very easy to make the transition. So far, I have no problem with the closure. The bag lays fairly flat and does not gap open at the top. Here some pics. wearing the bag both ways (I'm 5'5").

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  12. The Ananas bag is so cute! I've seen them and they have beautiful colors. You should get a teal or camel colored.
  13. Do they actually come in Teal? If so, does anyone know where (the only color close I have seen has been the Royal). Thanks!
  14. This site shows a photo of a Tessa in teal, but it is sold out.

    Tessa - HANDBAGS - Womens shoes