Analyze My Dream Please & Do You have Recurring Dreams?

  1. Ever since childhood, I always seem to have 1 of 3 recurring dreams. I had one of these dreams last night and woke up crying.:confused1:
    In my dream the front door of where ever I am staying does not lock properly and I know an intruder will break in. The location is sometimes different but the dream is always the same. The locks on our doors are weak and I know that if I fall asleep someone is going to break in and harm me. The majority of the time this dream takes place in the home that I grew up in as a child, but sometimes this dream's setting takes place anywhere: A hotel, my elementary school, my Grandmother's house, childhood playmates homes, and even my current home.
    I always dream in a weird vivid techicolor.
    Anyone have recurring dreams? Do you dream in color or in black and white? Do dreams really mean something?
    Care to share?
  2. OMG, I had a similiar recurring dream where an intruder tried to break in my parents home and I was on the other side trying to hold back the door. Then when I wake up I'm sweating! It's a horrible dream and it happened over and over when I lived there every other month. Thankfully I haven't had any similiar dreams like those anymore.
  3. Has there been a matter in your life that's ongoing, it won't go away and you won't feel completely at ease until it's resolved? It could be dealings with family member, your own career or something in your personal life? I could not tell why you had these dreams as a child, perhaps you were left behind and felt anxious till your parents returned? I know that some people can turn their dreams around, with lucid dreaming. It's possible to summon another person to check the locks and assure you are safe, to turn your dream around.

    I have "missing the boat" type dreams, literally, I've missed the boat in my dreams and it sails off without me, i.e. missed opportunities in life or feeling I cannot keep up in some ways in my waking life. I dream in color and b/w. Sometimes dreams are just dreams, but for most of my dreams, I've found interpretation, especially if there is alot of symbolism. you might want to look up lock or broken lock in dream interpretations online.
  4. Such a similar dream here, as you said in different locals but usually the same thing happens.

    Never been able to figure it out, sorry I've got nothing to add
  5. only one I can think of is my teeth breaking/crumbling but not falling out. These dreams creep me out more than any nightmare. ugh.
  6. Yes I constantly have the same recurring dream about my childhood home. I've even went back to it, thinking the dream would go away, it's been awhile but it comes and goes. Maybe it does have to do with family issues because alot of the issues happened in that home, but I see no point in bringing the stuff up now with my family it's been so many years.

    I used to have intruder dreams also when I was a child, that they were at the window or in the house and when I went to scream or warn someone I had no voice. I don't know what those means.
  7. I can't really help you dechipher your dreams since I can't even decipher my own weird dreams (and let me tell you.. I have a LOT of weird dreams) but I have had a continuation dream. As in I dreamt of something one night and then the next night instead of a whole new dream or no dream at all.. it was the continuation of last night's dream. Weird..
  8. I always have the same dream about crashing in a plane........... totally scary! There is ONE lady in my dream who I kept watching and I still swear to this day that I won't get on the plane if I see her in the terminal!

    I dream in color--- but it's blurry mostly.........
  9. Could it be that you are afraid to let your guard down and feel it is very important not to let people in emotionally? Is there anything like that going on in your life that would explain the dream, new relationship, friendship worries etc? Just a thought. (I dream in vivid colour too, I love it, just like a movie!)
  10. I have this recurring dream, but the thing is, I don't know what it is! I just get a feeling of deja vu and I usually dream about it when I'm stressed.
  11. I used to analyze my dreams all the time and learned that most dreams are based on past experiences and the fears, joys, anger or whatever those experiences produced. Occasionally dreams can also warn us of things to come but sometimes you only realize that after something has happened.
    To me, your dream sounds like your insecurities or fears of having the rug pulled out from under you manifesting. When you dream of home, unless you had a horrible childhood, that can represent a solid foundation or something you have considered a safe, solid foundation. Are you afraid of losing your lifestyle or marriage falling apart? It is a very common fear everyone has and sometimes our dreams are just ways of our emotional self to let go and express itself because we don't want to say these kinds of things out loud. There are alot of books and websites on dreams. The best interpreter is YOU though because you can decipher for yourself what is a real past/present event and what is just symbolic.
  12. Maybe if you try to finish the dream in an awake state you will figure it out? Imagine the dream, and think about who is on the other side of the door. Is there something that you fear? Could it be death, yourself, or someone else?
  13. I have the breaking teeth dream alot. I also have very random dreams that don't make sense. Maybe your dream is just a part of you feeling insecure with your safety and being anxious? I think it just reminds you to ALWAYS lock your doors and to make sure that the deadbolts are sturdy.
  14. I have had several recurring dreams since I was little. One is where I am going to fall from a bridge but I don't know what it has to do with anything. I always wake up from it though.
    My brother called me freaked out because he was having a recurring dream that I looked dead(teeth falling out) and he was pushing my baby in a stroller. Well he called to ask if I was pregnant (I hadn't told anyone yet) And I was. I had just found out. Needless to say he was very worried about me. I had to calm him down and reassure him that I was OK more than once. I know exactly what his dream meant now, but I don't want to say. I have also had friends that I dreamed were pregnant and then a couple days later I would find out they were.