Anaemic again

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  1. Hello ladies, i have endometriosis and adenomyosis and used to bleed heavily. It got really bad last year and I became anaemic. I now take a hormone so I don't bleed at all while I await surgery. Last week I was in hospital with an infection and during a routine blood test they discovered I was very anaemic, ferritin almost non existent. I do not eat red meat. Nd I struggle with any animal product at all. Supplements have a very bad effect on me and I can't take them. So my doctor has prescribed a diet rich in beans pulses and dried fruit. I am really unhappy about the situation as it was originally thought my bleeding was the cause but this is to the case now.

    Does anyone have any advice? Are you vegetarian with anaemia? any advice appreciated.
  2. I'm not anaemic but I'm very low in iron and a vegetarian and like you have had negative reactions to supplements. I was recommended Spatone by my aunt and found this really helps. Spatone is basically liquid iron supplements which come in sachets. It says you should take one a day or two if you are pregnant, so I take two since I'm low in iron. I take it twice a day with water and a soluble vitamin c tablet so it gets absorbed properly.

    Fyi, my cousin who is anaemic also uses Spatone sachets as she too could not adjust to the tablets prescribed to her.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks, I am currently taking feroglobin, I looked at spatone but it is lower in iron. But this is not going down well either. I might grab some spatone. Many thanks
  4. No problem! Be sure to take it with some form of vitamin c, i.e. in a glass of orange juice or with soluble tablets as I do.
  5. Have you tried taking the iron supplement with different types of foods, etc? Orange juice is obviously a good combo for the vitamin c, but it does not-so-nice things for my tummy. I took mine with milk or yogurt for more of a buffer effect and did the vitamin c tab a bit earlier.

    And, sort of a delicate topic, but if the issue is constipation, then take colace or another stool softener (NOT a laxative, just a stool softener). Iron commonly makes ppl constipated. Lots of fruits and veggies and water, but I need to take something to help things along as well if I'm on iron, even food based iron that says it won't have that effect. My last round of blood tests was the first where I was not anemic or borderline.
  6. Hi no it's not the usual. As I have adenomyosis my bowel is squashed and because iron is heavy, I kind of feel heavy for hours while it sits there. Not a good feeling and I end up just sitting until it goes away.
  7. I'm low in iron and am to taking food to increase my haemoglobin level naturally like green leafy vegetables , prune juice, nuts and kidney beans.
  8. My father has anaemia as he is unable to absorb iron. He gets regular iron infusions through an IV - is this something that your doc would consider for you?
  9. I'm very low in iron also and use spatone daily. It's really helped me. It also comes in an apple flavour which you can take by itself but I'm not too fond of the taste of that one.
  10. Did you see if possibly you may have problems absorbing iron and may need transfusions. I am in the endometriosis category and during my period I take iron supplements. Even then my iron is lowering and I may need another transfusion. In the EU and Switzerland (where all medications are triple checked to pass) they have a newer transfusion which has diminished the common allergic reactions caused my iron transfusions. Maybe this can provide some help as it did to me so immensely. I wish you a speedy recovery.
  11. Thanks sarah. It's interesting reading your case. I have advanced endometriosis and adenomyosis and am booked in for radical surgery next week. I am hoping this and many symptoms will go away. It's a tough time,
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    I'm anemic and I have been given B12 injections to get me where I'm supposed to be. I inject myself once a month and take supplements. Unfortunately, vitamins are pretty much all I've found that work for me. I tried to change my diet but my body doesn't absorb nutrients through food intake (due to an illness.) Maybe you can talk to a Dr. about injected iron versus pill form?
  13. I eat a red meat rich diet (Paleo) and was recently anemic! It can happen when your body simply fails to absorb iron.
    The cause of that is often an inability to digest and break down certain nutrients. This can be related to not enough good gut bacteria, lacking enzymes to digest X or low stomach acid, which is very common.

    Certain foods but also medication can ruin your digestive system. Coffee for example lowers stomach acid. Medication can ruin your gut bacteria. Eliminating foods can result into not producing certain enzymes.

    Also, I suppose hormones play a role for you too. Maybe an estrogen dominance is at play and your hormones need to be regulated. There are many natural, drug free ways of doing this in case you are interested!

  14. Moi et mes sacs: The pain and constant tiredness must be very exhausting for you. I really hope with the surgery the symptoms will subside. I know with endometriosis pain and advanced stages are not related but from my own experience I had to go the hospital several times because of severe pain. What really has helped me is pilates because it really pushes my core and scoops my muscles. It really has improved my wellbeing and the pain is pretty much non-existent. I have tried acupuncture and so far it helps with the UTI's I used to get 3-5x a month. I really hope the surgery goes well. And I will think of you during this time.
  15. I've suffered from anemia since I was a teen. I stopped taking iron pills a few months back got tired of the stomach pain. I now take Black strap molasses, it works great. A tablespoon full every morning.