Anae Coin Purse Reveal


Jan 6, 2019
I thought I’d post some pics of my new Anae coin purse in Galet Mahina leather which arrived today..I wanted a smaller purse to fit better inside my new NeoNoe in noir colour.

I didn’t really want a monogram canvas purse as I also want to use this with my other bags (I’m a neutral or black colour bag person on the whole so the colour works with both). I had considered the Victorine, Compact Capucine and the Zoe wallets but settled on this in the end due to size and simple function. My coins, cards and a few notes fit which is great.

When I was researching this purse there was not that much info or pics on the web that I could find so I thought this might be useful for others considering this purse. Due to being busy I decided not to go in to a store to look and and just ordered it online. The purse arrived in perfect condition, it says made in France. The only thing I’m not sure about is the hot stamping colour I chose. In hindsight I think I maybe should’ve gone for gold or silver but otherwise I’m very happy. She fits what I need in just fine so that’s what matters most!

9ED755C6-2CFD-4604-B137-88CE5ADD5E1A.jpeg 8771E68C-C027-445D-88C8-180912ED02B6.jpeg F8822A50-4EB4-4C7D-8E47-3F88DAB8E206.jpeg