Anaconda Mahala has arrived

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  1. I went to the Woodbury Choo outlet this weekend and look what followed me home....


  2. :yahoo::nuts:OMG she's beautiful!!!!!:heart: Congratulations sweetheart, oh but what a wonderfully gorgeous friend to follow you home!!!
    So... what are they going for at the outlets?? :smile:
    It seems to me that you now need to send an old mahala to a new home?!?:graucho:
  3. Lionlaw - Wow, I remember that one from the Choo website. I love anaconda (the snake and not the JLo movie, lol wasn't that awful? Rhetorical question). The scales are really uniform in size and I like that look. Reminds me of my polymer chemistry class. Sorry to lapse into geekdom, but the bag is pretty and congratulations!
  4. Do we need to talk rehab? Another beautiful bag!
  5. they tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no.....
  6. OMG! How beautiful is that? This bag so reminds me of the bag that Lucy and Ethel....well...ya know...;)

    Congrats!! :heart::love::heart:
  7. have the most amazing taste in bags....that is a beauty! Congrats!!
  8. lionlaw, I didn't know snakes had homing instincts! Glad this one followed you home. It's beautiful and it doesn't bite!
  9. beautiful beautiful bag. u lucky thing! two mahala within such a short period. still waiting for my first one.
  10. gorgeous bag...the pattern makes the white stand bag for a great price, i'm sure! wear it with the brightly colored and patterned trends for spring/'ll be stunning!
  11. Thanks everyone. I got it for $2k. They had a ton of bags/shoes in stock but things were going fast. I saw an SA taking pics fo one of the bags while I was there so apparently they will email pics if you ask.
  12. That's a gorgeous bag...what color is it?
  13. It is breathtaking!
  14. Another Gorgeous Bag lionlaw :drool:

    I hope you love it and get tons of use out of her :nuts: Wish I could say the same for my matching Python Mahdi. I am going to get rid of her I love the look of both and really am loving the exotics, but I just am not a light colored bag kind of person:sad:
  15. Thanks everyone. The anaconda is creme colored (winter whiteish) and the suede is a greyish-taupe color. Really pretty combo.

    I agree with you Robyn on keeping it clean, but I love a stark white or creme bag up against a black or dark suit. I think it pops so I am just going to have to be a little more careful with this one.