an update : our adopted cat Missy

  1. We are sooo happy with her and I think she too with us... The moment I come out of bed she is following me... and my DH... We went for a 3 week holiday to our vacation house... we took her with us and she was perfect.... we just got back... She still is timid of our kids. Our kids are sooo crazy about her. Stevie wants to carry her around all the time. Our 2 year old pretends she is a cat and follows her around... Missy is really sweet and only when she can't take those pesky kids she will take out but even that is minus and the kids should understand.... Other than that she is a dream cat.

    I urge anyone who is thinking of a cat to go to Petsmart... or the animal shelter.

    In a couple of months we think of adopting an older cat. Our oldest (boy) constantly is upset as he thinks she doesn't have her mommy and we need to find her mommy..
  2. that is too cute!!!
  3. I'm so glad to hear everything is going well! I remember when you first posted about how to convince your DH to adopt a kitty, and now I can see that everything has gone wonderfully for you. Congrats and best of luck!

    Also, I remember you had posted pictures of her and she was stunning - are there any more recent shots of your beauty?
  4. Glad to hear! We got our cat from Petsmart as well! This was back in May or so....thinking about bringing home a friend for him. I love hearing stories like these! Please post pics of Missy! :heart:
  5. Oh I will:smile: tomorrow! she is adorable and so happy rolling around on the floor here and just being funny:smile:
  6. my cat is a shelter rescue - have had her for 17 years now. cats are great pets. enjoy her! my 2 boys are now 19 and 21 and love her too.
  7. Here she is:smile:

    oh look at her being naughty :smile:


  8. she's lovely! i'm glad its going well :smile:
  9. Awwwe, she's precious!
  10. Missy is soooo cute! I'm glad to hear that you're getting along with her so well. Also, :tup: for adopting her!
  11. AWWWWWHHHHHHH:love: She is a fluffy lady... So cute. Another happy match making!
  12. It's so good to hear an update on your kitty. She's really pretty. My son has 2 cats, and one basically hides most of the time. It's strange. She's probably 4 now and is still very timid.

    That's so cute about your son. A second cat is a great idea.

    Thanks for sharing how it's going!
  13. She's adorble, so fluffy and cuddly looking! I love her coloring!
  14. Ah she is so adorable! I love her long fur!!!
  15. what a sweetie, glad all is going well and that you're one big happy family