an update on my scarf- bad news

  1. well madame p just called me. they can correct the color on the scarf but it would be 75 dollars. holy hell. i paid over 200 for it. should i try and email the seller again or just file with pp and send it back or eek. i don't know what to do. i think i can still file with pp but not sure. or just pay and have it fixed? help!
  2. I'd ask the seller to give you a partial refund $75 to take care of the repair or to refund the whole amount and return the scarf. Let them decide on which they prefer but they should do one or the other for you.
  3. H, you can definitely file with paypal, under the "significantly not as described" category. At this point, I would, just so that I can neg the seller and warn the others.
  4. I agree with Tods on this, H.

    I sent my grail off to Madame P and they said they couldn't repair/restore/clean mine at all. I'm ok with that because it's going to be framed anyway and not worn but this is not the case with yours. You want to wear it and it should be in as great shape as it can be. I'd definately leave negative feedback and file with Paypal.
  5. This is exactly what I would do.
  6. i filed a dispute with pp. not sure how to escalate it into a claim. i will have to try and call them tonight.
  7. Ugh, sorry about this. Keep us posted. Personally I would have done what RC suggested but tods' suggestion probably is the best way to address the matter. I'm always leery about leaving negative feedback b/c of fears of retaliatory neg. feedback. It's not ideal.
  8. In order not to aggravate yourself any further with this I would sent the scarf back, leave neg. feedback and file a claim to get your money back!
  9. yeah and i use my selling id for buying too. i have a buying id but i never use it. they already left me pos fb though so i'm not worried. we'll see what happens.... thanks everyone.

    i could NOT believe 75 dollars to correct it though. unreal.
  10. Exactly.
  11. I'll 2nd Kallie Girl's rec. You've gone through enough already and that seller needs to understand there are consequences to making gross misrepresentations. Why should you be forced to suck it up and spend another $75 because s/he lied?

  12. I agree with Kallie girl too.
  13. Chime right in...I agree with Kallie girl. Keep us posted.
  14. Yes - please just send it back. It isn't worthy of the dollars spent on it so far or of the aggravation. I couldn't ever use it after what happened with the seller.

    Leave negs, make a stink with Paypal and send that sucker back. More and more the same style scarf keeps popping up so you should be able to get a MUCH NICER one for your lovely self.
  15. :yes: