an update, and two new trinkets


Sep 17, 2007
Hey tPFers,

I know this minuscule reveal probably doesn't warrant its own thread but I haven't been posting much lately, mostly because I've been overseas since August, and I wanted to get the chance to interact with friends from the forum.

I'm spending a year overseas, and though Chanel has still very much been on my mind--there is a boutique in practically every Department Store, the prices here, the current $ conversion rates, and the overall state of the economy here and back home, make shopping slightly less enjoyable and more guilt-inducing.

It has certainly restrained me, but it hasn't stopped me...


I always wanted something from the Plumage line, but it never happened. So when I saw this piece at the boutique here, it definitely caught my eye. After much deliberation I finally decided to purchase it, but to my dismay the display piece was the only one available and it came sans style tag and box sticker. Nevertheless, I absolutely love it!

Picture 1.jpg

I had been hunting down these earrings for some time, and had finally just given up...but some random perusing on eB*y led me to them and I couldn't ignore the chance that fate had given me to finally make these earrings mine! I must admit that they are a lot larger than I had anticipated but they have definitely grown on me. I simply adore the mirrored backs.

Picture 2.jpg

Thanks for indulging me everyone! I miss the forum and hope to return with new purchases in the very near future!

...I am already contemplating my next purchase.

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Jan 23, 2007
Cute, CONGRATS!! I love costume jewelry posts, I still haven't been able to bring myself to buy them, but these pictures are definitely inspiring me to take the plunge!


Feb 2, 2006
I :love: your new additions!
And by all means, they are so worthy of their own thread :buttercup: