An Upbeat Christie Brinkley @ The New York Divorce Court On Monday,

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  1. gosh! how stunning is that woman! Love!!! her Kelly too!

    though, I have to say, theres something a little to 'Anthea Turner' about her these days....
  2. Beautiful Hermes!
  3. her whole look says "i'm hot and the entire world thinks you're a moron." love it.
  4. i cannot believe she is old enough to be my mother... she is still quite stunning/gorgeous, and ages gracefully!
  5. Gorgeous with her Kelly..
  6. Is it wrong to be too distracted by the bag to read? LOL Damn you Kelly.
  7. all I see is a gorgeous bag!!
  8. She is a gorgeous women and I love they way she looks in that outfit.. Classy carrying the Hermes... Dang..
  9. She is beautiful. She's had a lot of work done in the last few years but who cares. She went to someone competitent, not cheap & it shows.
    She puts women 20 plus years younger than her to shame. Bet she wears panties too!
  10. :roflmfao: I see what you mean - the beaming grin, the blonde hair around her face. What is Anthea up to nowadays (I've been away from the UK for too long!)
  11. Exactly what I was going to say. What kind of idiot is her ex?
  12. lol yeah... forget the story, let's talk about how hot her Kelly is!!! :p
  13. Right on!!
  14. Love her Kelly!

    sorry she's having to go thru such a hard time.