An up and coming designer needs our help!

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  1. Okay everyone, I never do stuff like this but could ya'll please help out a buddy of mine? Her name is Devani Weaver and she's a really talented up and coming designer. She's well in the running for a spot at Las Vegas Fashion Week and needs some more votes for a boost. Vote for her HERE and you vote "5 stars" on her garments. She's honestly a really sweet person and would be incredibly grateful if you would take the time to vote for her.

    She doesn't have an etsy store and I'm not sure why. I'll poke at her to get one up... :biggrin:

    Thanks everyone!
  2. i wish the pictures of the long dresses would show more.
  3. Her designs look beautiful. I voted!
  4. Her designs are pretty nice. I've voted too.
  5. i dont see where to vote once I get to the page
  6. Under the pictures there are some empty stars and you click how many stars you think the garments should get. When you look at the rest of the ones in the competition, well hers really do deserve 5 stars

    Thank you so much to everyone who voted! It is really appreciated! Devani was the 2008 Designer of the Year for Scottsdale Fashion Week so I really hope this helps her get her name out there because she genuinely does have talent. :cool:
  7. #7 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009

    Click the pictures and rate the outfits using the star buttons 1-5. ;)

    I'm voting now, she has some cute pieces. I love the blue dress, the geometric one.
  8. I really liked her stuff! I voted :smile:
  9. I love the garden romper and ay' ok! Her stuff's gorgeous, quirky yet wearable. =]
  10. I just wanted to pass along Devani's sincere thanks! She really appreciates everyone's support. I knew I could count on my tpf gals! I'll post the results of the contest when they are announced. Hey, maybe there could be a tpf get together at some of the fashion weeks!

    Here's her etsy store: devaniweaver on Etsy - Devani Weaver