An unexpected offer, now the dilemma

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  1. I visited an H shop to purchase a pair of quicker sneakers, an vert verone bolide and matching shoulder strap. After I settled the bill, the SA told me there is a grid asphalte Taurillon Novillo leather B30 in GHW just came in this morning, and offered to let me see. I was a bit reluctant since I totally did not expected it, and I own a Togo Etoupe b30 in PHW which I think is quite similar. Another b30 in neutral seems a bit too many. Well... finally I couldn’t resist to take a look and got it when I picked it up, it’s perfect match to my lighter color outfit!

    Now after going back to hotel, I started to see the guilt kicking in... May I seek my dear TPFers opinion on..

    1. Whether I should keep both of the Bs...

    2. Sell the old Etoupe B.. but I like the white stitching...

    3. Sell the new GA B... but the color is more fitting to my light wardrobe with less brown undertone...

    Thank you all for your thoughts!

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  2. It's beautiful. If you can afford it, keep it and then see how you feel. You can always sell the Etoupe or the GA (especially since its so hard to find) at a later date! The etoupe with white contrast stitching and pwh is more casual to me than a GA with GHW. If you can only afford, keep the one that looks best with your wardrobe and market you heart sing!
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  3. no don't sale, keep it and have fun with it .:drinks::drinks::drinks:
  4. i'm partial to ghw and tonal stitching so my vote is to keep the gris asphalte.
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  5. KEEP! You love them both.
  6. I think the difference in hardware and white stitching makes them different bags. I would enjoy both if that is an option for you.
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  7. They certainly are different enough bags to keep both if that is an option for you.
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  8. Keep both of them. Pedestrians may not Be able to tell the difference but those who know know and appreciate these distinct beauties
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  9. Congratulations, your two neutral birkins with different hardware will work with your wardrobe beautifully. You're so lucky and keep both if you can!
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  10. Both are beautiful neutrals with different hardware. Keep both if money is no object. Congratulations!
  11. Personally and if I have the time, I would go back and ask to see if the store received any other bag which would be a better addition to my collection and ask for an exchange. I think having a wider range of colours is a more important option for me. Seeing as you bought a Verone Bolide, I guess you are open to having colours as well. That's just a thought to consider.
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  12. I would not sell it brand new. Have you used it at all? Why don’t you return it if you are not sure? That way someone else has a chance to buy it who intends to wear and keep it. It’s unfair to others that resellers charge premium over it and simultaneously take stock away from others. Not saying you are a reseller, i just think it’s wrong to sell it brand new instead of return it.
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  13. Both are stunning, so easy to match with different outfits, and I agree with others that the etoupe with PHW is more casual. I love this color combination with the GHW. Def keep both if you're able to financially.
  14. I prefer GA to Etoupe. I do feel both are on the same warm neutral spectrum. Maybe you can sell your Etoupe after you get another one in the future.
  15. What a fabulous dilemma to have. This combo is stunning. I would keep both. :P
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