An unexpected moment....guess what came home with me..

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  1. So yesterday started out like any other day...fight LA morning traffic, laser some unwanted hair from my patients, fight the afternoon traffic, blah, blah, blah...can't wait for the Memorial day weekend :sleepy:

    A lovely PFer and I decided to meet up at our local Hermes shop to check out the inventory, visit with the SAs, and possibly buy a twilly for myself.

    We greeted the staff and one of the SAs was fixing the items in one of the display cases. She was trying to figure out how to place a black Karo GM for display next to a coordinating black Massai and asked us for our opinion. As we were playing with the placement of the item and discussing the other Massais, my fellow PFer spied it in the next display case. I couldn't believe my eyes:wtf: and I think I twitched. We asked to see it and I could hardly contain myself:drool: As I held it in my hands smelled and rubbed the leather, and carried it, I had to be mine!!!!!! So with the help of my fellow PFer (thank you!) and our lovely SA (who told me point blank, "you have to love you love it?"), it came home with me. Now, I'm just giddy and can't contain myself:yahoo:Needless to say, I didn't buy the twilly yet, but I'll have to buy 2 now :graucho:

    Some pics to follow....can you guess what it is? Hint: 3_ c_ B------ & T---- H--

    (I've been so busy and MIA from tpF that I wanted to share with all of you who would understand my obsession! Thanks for letting me share!)

  2. I"M DYING HERE!!! WHAT IS IT????.....Please, how can you contain the excitement???:P
  3. Barenia & Toile HAC?:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: made it too easy!!!
  4. Now the tease:

  5. Ha! you ladies are quick!!

  6. I think I need some music here..... *bow-chic-a bom bom*
  7. F5 F5:nuts:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Unwrap:

  10. Saw that guess, QM!
  11. A little shoulder:

  12. Refresh.....Refresh......Refresh......
  13. QM guessed it: a 36cm Barenia & Toile Haut a Courroies *thud*

  14. And good morning HAC:


    Thank you for letting me share!!!! :yahoo:
  15. woohooooooooooo congratssssssssssss:yahoo::okay::tup: