An RM Addict: One year later! (Reveal and Collection Pics!)

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  1. So it recently occurred to me that it was a little over one year ago that I started my first thread in the RM subforum, so excited to show everyone my FIRST RM!!

    I still have that lovely bag, and it was the start of an addiction so many of us Minkettes are familiar with! I got my newest bag today and since it is such a rainy, yucky day here, I decided to do collection pics too!

    But first, the reveal!



    Any early guesses???
  2. rocker?
  3. Hmm..long unfinished it a MAC?
  4. I guess the tiny dustbag narrows things down a bit! Ha!

    Uploading more now!
  5. This is totally give it away, but I've never been very patience even with my own reveals!

  6. I love this bag!!! But I'm totally confused by it. It has long unfinished tassels but it's the older style d rings (that you can't double) and black and white floral lining. I would think that would put it in Cruise 2009 which would have had short, finished tassels. And I don't see why Luna Boston would have such an old bag, but oh well! I don't care, I love her!!

    Blue zipper in all its glory!

    Close up of the buttery, supple leather!

  7. Yayy, can’t wait to see your collection! Love the blue zipper track on that MAC, and the leather looks amazing!
  8. oh thats DIVINE
  9. Thanks, thedseer! The leather on this bag is truly amazing!! I am uploading them as I type!
  10. Wow, look at that leather! amazing, congrats! ....:popcorn:
  11. Love your MAC!!!!! The leather on yours is TDF..congrats!
    (I am carry my BC MAC with GM and blue zipper today..for the first time.)

    Bring it all on!
  12. Ok, so first some pics of my favorite bags!

    Favorite MAB: Dove gray/florescent yellow piping! This is a unique RM, in no way a "classic" but that's what I love about it. It's so fun and I get tons of compliments on it!

  13. Next, my favorite Nikki: Chocolate Nikki!

    The leather on this bag is heavenly, really! I wish I could have a leather jacket that felt just like this! Pictured with it is my new MAC's big sis! ha! The leather on the black Nikki is just like my new mac, but unfortunately she isn't mine full-time! My mom and I have "shared custody" of some of our Nikkis so I have her Black Nikki for a while, while she's enjoying my Almond stud nikki!

  14. at first i wasn't digging the blue zip track on the black... but after all the reveals it is really starting to grow on me. i may need one myself!

    your background in the MAC pics looks just like the black and white floral lining! what is it? a bedspread? tablecloth? i want it!
  15. The Clutches (I had to throw in my non-RMs as well, there aren't many):

    Red patent/red stripe Rendezvous clutch
    Yellow Ostrich Rendezvous clutch
    LAMB clutch
    Teal 3-Zip MAC
    Grape MAC
    Tory Burch Tortoise Large Resin Clutch