An Outlet Return yields.... TWINS!!!

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  1. I thought that was a cute title.. LMAO:P

    Anyways... I made a quick trip to the Outlet in Clinton CT this morning... for a return ...bummer ..... :tdown:

    BUT... the good news is... I came home with... TWINS... YAY!!! :tup:


    TWO Signature Patent Stripe Totes... LOL... Aren't they just adorable... I'm already using the Brown one... Love her!!!

    (I would have done a reveal, but I'm not feeling all that well... fighting off a cold, or the flu, or something...)

    I got matching wallets to go with them.. Just do not have pics right now.... But I did want to show off my Twins !!!!

  2. Oh yes, they are cute! i ve seen them at my outlet in many colors, i liked the pinkish purple ones best, but i dont remember seeing black ones for some reason! Great you got two, one for now one as back up LoL... ( i m just trying to justify my new "back up" idea :yahoo:)They seem very roomy and comfortable!
  3. Nice! Double the fun!
  4. Cutest twins ever! I just saw someone using the black one last night. They're both really nice!
  5. I love them :smile:
  6. If I really like something, I tend to want one in every color.. I also love the parchment stripe one, but could not afford that one.. YET... Maybe next week, after I get my yearly bonus... if they still have one... LOL....
  7. And, I tend to favor Totes... I like the structure to them, and this is the perfect size... and lightweight....

  8. LOL... I am all for the "Backup" idea!!!!! :tup:
  9. Very cute!! Hope you feel better!
  10. Love them! May I inquire to the price?
  11. So awesome!!!!
  12. Congratulations!
  13. i would also love to know !
  14. Cute bags.
  15. Nice! Enjoy them both :biggrin: