An out of this world reveal

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  1. Okay, Coachies, here's a very special bag from the Fall runway show (I won't spoil WHICH Fall show, though).

    I've been debating between this and a different variant for several months. However, once I saw drill down pictures of this, it was a no brainer. Here's to my limited edition, runway bag!

    Any guesses???

  2. A bear rogue?
  3. Rockets!
  4. Haha, you're on the right track!!!

    soonergirl likes this.
  5. Oh my gosh, please show us!!
    I have loved those rockets since those preview pictures came out-I can't wait to see your pictures.
  6. Presenting, fresh off the Men's 2016 Fall Runway collection, the Rocket Ship Gotham Tote:

  7. Rocket Ship Gotham Tote, Style #55746 - $695. My SA told me there were only 90 made.

    55746_a4.jpeg 55746_a8.jpeg
  8. Oh, I like!! Very nice!
  9. Very cool! Leather looks nice!
  10. Ooh, I really like that! Congrats :smile:
  11. Excellent! Much better than the 'hairy t-rex' I was debating on. :tup:
  12. What an awesome bag!
    Plus I really like the thick straps, they look substantial enough so that you could carry books or a laptop without creasing the bag.
  13. Looks very nice, and it seems a very reasonable price for such a special, limited edition bag.
  14. I like the zippered pocket area, looks unique!
  15. Very nice! Congrats!