An orange peanut

  1. Winter has got most of us northern hemisphere types in its vice grip, which I just can't tolerate so I escape it. Yay for me! It's always a nice time to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and is USUALLY a time where I'm forced by location into a shopping hiatus. Not this year! :yahoo:
    Thanks to CobaltBlu for pointing me to it, and HiHeels for helping authenticate.
    I've wanted a Cacahuete for some time, and have HiHeels pics in my bookmarks, but I've never actually seen one in at a boutique. When CB pointed out one on eBay, I was very very very hesitant but went for it anyway and it turned out to be a great transaction, and by far exceeded the limit I had set for eBay purchases in the past. It's funny how H can do that. :p I was sweating bullets the whole time though. :sweatdrop: Another ORANGE bag. :lol: I'm thinking the Picotin is going to get traded in for a Red one. So, without further it is!

    Orange Togo Cacahuete:


    The traveling rainbow:


    A comparison of 2001 Togo and 2007 Clemence:


    A close-up comparison of 2001 orange togo (right) and 2007 clemence (left).


  2. OMG - this is the cutest thing ever!! Any modeling pix possible???

    Congrats! I love it!
  3. What a pretty bag! And the shape is soooo versatile! CONGRATULATIONS on the new addition!

    Thanks very much for the comparison pics, it shows the difference in grain of the leathers, and it might be my screen, but the '07 Orange seems more "Red" based?
  4. Oh, THE COLOURS!!!

    What incredible photos! Your new peanut is beautiful! Congratulations! Really neat to see the grain comparison on both bags. The rainbow, the sky... I got a tan reading your post!!!

    * sigh *

    Enjoy your new bag!!!
  5. Those pictures just make me smile-ah summer!!! Gorgeous, enjoy everything!
  6. Fabulous, Love your reveal! Congratulations
  7. It's super cute. I love it! I promised DH I would do some work inside today, so modeling pix will wait till I have lunch with mum in a day or two. :yes:
  8. Love it!
  9. Hi _bella_, you're making H purchases from the jungle, LOL. Way to go! They are such pops of colour and fun, congrats!
  10. your pics are making me envious bella
    Such a gorgeous bag, and the colours look amazing.
    The "peanut" looks very happy in your pics.
  11. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    WOW, what a beautiful bag!!!
    I am so glad this all worked out for you! What a fantastically joyful color!

    Congratulations and please make room for me on that lanai, I will be right over!!!

  12. HAHA! It's tough, but possible. :lol:

    Someone PM'd why peanut....Cacahuete is the french word for peanut.
  13. I love the cute way they did the handle on this bag...
  14. what a stunning bag! lovely color!
  15. The color tones are very slightly different. I'm using a laptop for these pics, so my apologies if they are horribly over saturated or ugly!
    I would say the clemence is a little brighter, while the togo is a slightly more muted and has a slight hint of more brown in it...

    :beach: Peanuts and drinks by the pool at 5 o'clock. :tup:

    piafe, Nola, Raz, beaumonde, lisawhit, and everyone else thanks for looking. :smile: