An Orange Issue

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  1. Dear TPFers....may I ask for your advice?

    For several years, I lusted for what I thought was my orange 35 Birkin. I finally got my long-desired bag about a year ago but, sadly, I must admit that I never carry the bag. When given the choice, I always default to another, navy, red, blue...anything but orange.

    So, for those of you who have or have had an orange Hermes you wear it or does your orange bag sit in the closet too? I love the bag "in theory" but the reality is that a very expensive bag is basically a dust collector in my closet.

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts/suggestions!
  2. What goes through your mind that makes you reach for a non-Orange bag? Is it the color, the size, the fear of wearing down your holy grail bag?
  3. Thanks for your response!

    I guess it just seems too "loud" for my wardrobe....and it is funny because I love some of the other H "loud" colors. It just seems like the outfits always look much nicer with a more sedate bag. Definitely not an issue with carrying my HG. I always take it out and try to carry it but then end up putting it back in the box.
  4. You have to accept the fact that orange is an "out there" kind of color. If you can't handle it, then it is not for you. I love my orange Kelly and potiron Bolide. I think of those colors as happy colors and I have to say that my orange Kelly brings a huge smile to my face when I wear it. I would think that if you can handle a red bag, then you could handle an orange one as well.
  5. I don't own an orange bag, but have heard some people refer to wearing their orange bags as a neutral. Can you pair it with earth, or chalky tones (greys, chalky blues and greens)? I use Instagram as a great resource as well. Search using hashtags - perhaps #orangebag, orangebirkin, hermesorange, orangepurse, etc.
  6. i have a 35cm orange phw truth is its true the color can be over powering firstly because its an iconic color on an iconic bag and then teres the fact that well it really stands out but i love wearing it with my very basic very minimal garments like my White shirts grey cotton T shirts and very simple light colors with jeans its very versatile in this sense also i tend to wear this bag as "JANE" as posible with straps out so that it becomes beyond soft and floppy. it becomes a very alluring easy bag.
  7. I don't have an orange H bag but have an orange LV that I always get tons of compliments whenever I carry it. Most of my bags r black, but somehow I find my orange LV neutral enough... An orange B is next on my list!
  8. I also have an orange B35 and use it A LOT!
    But it depends on your lifestyle and wardrobe.
    If you feel you don´t use as much as you would like, sell it and try to get another B in any of the colours you mentioned: black, navy, red, blue...
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    I am that same way with brights. I've always wanted an orange or red B, but I always prefer to use dark neutrals -so now I'm afraid anything bright would be a waste.
  10. Yes i own 2 in fact
    Yes i love and use them
  11. Yes when I'm deciding the color of bag, will try to avoid too loud color like orange n every color looks a little different for each leather texture and also the size makes the difference. If for pop colors, will prefer a smaller be play safe, I still go for classic colors or more safer choices
  12. I also tend to only wear neutral colors but when my SA showed me a 30 togo orange ghw, the color was so beautiful I could not help myself. It does not really match any of my clothing and I find I have to purposely schedule myself to wear it, but it is so pretty that I can't imagine parting with it. Also in the snowy winter it really sticks out so I try to wear it more in the summer. I asked myself similar questions but for me it is just too pretty. I am not really a bright color person but I am glad this is the one bright bag in my collection.

  13. While I don't have an orange B, I do have an orange Evvie which I carry to death in the summer. In the fall and winter, not at all.
  14. I wear my orange bag with brown and red only. The problem with the orange is that you have to stay away from black which is sometimes hard to do. I see myself not using the bag in winter because of this. I am deathly afraid of looking like its Halloween.
  15. This! I have said no to orange as I wear way too much black and I don't want to look like I'm Ms Halloween. :smile: