An Orange box arrived today!

  1. Today I received my 2nd H handbag. My first is my Evelyne and now my 2nd is ..... my Jige, purchased from a lovely tPF-er.

    I am sooooo loving it!! I bought it for travel mainly as it'll be perfect for dinners out and for business functions. I had been debating on possibly getting a Chanel bag but I'm really an H girl at heart.

    This is the PM size... about 11 or so inches long and 7-ish inches tall in Havanne Evergraine. It holds quite a bit without bulging.. and when using it while out of town, I won't really need to put much in it anyway.... no car keys, iPod, etc.

    Here are some pics of my new baby: :heart:


    Sorry these are not very clear... I had to take them with my left hand on the camera:


  2. Looks great ! I love all of Hermes leathers!
  3. Gorgeous, congrats!
  4. It looks fabby on you! Congrats!!!
  5. Congrats!! Color is so gorgeous...!
  6. Congrats- it's a beautiful color!
  7. It's beautiful!! I was wondering about your avatar. Now, I know! Enjoy!:smile:
  8. Ohhhhhhhh I want one!
    well done it looks luverllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy:smile:
  9. Very nice!!!
  10. ^^^Lovely, and Congratulations!! Glad you got it from a "LOVELY" tPfer, and the bag went to a GREAT HOME!!:yahoo:
  11. It's fabulous! Congratulations! You wear it so well!
  12. CONGRATULATIONS, Kallie Girl!
  13. Very pretty! I've never seen this before. Gorgeous color :drool:
  14. Congratulations!! I love Evergrain -- it is a beautiful leather for clutch.
  15. Congrats!!!!! What an attractive jige!:dothewave: Excellent choice.