An orange box arrived... been just a little bad.....

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  1. It was send by a lovely tpf member.... It is sitting right here since I got back and I haven't yet found the time yet to open it... life is busy.... I'm soooo excited :yahoo:
  2. WOW!!!!!!!! don't keep us in suspense kloostie!!!! spill it!
  3. I wished I could, the box whispers "open me" ... though I have too many people walking around here, I wait till the kids go to bed :smile: IF I CAN...
  4. Rip the box now and reveal!!!:nuts:
  5. Oh that's just mean, go open it already!! :nuts:
  6. no no no no no. i can see you need me to wave you some of my special "enabling dust" with my Haute Couturess magic enabling wand....

  7. i hereby "enable" you to take it all off, baby!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
  8. Does that wand work on husbands? Can I borrow it, lol?
  10. kloostie i've been itch scratching all day but here is all i have is yours for the stripping...give HC a break lol.
  11. Yeah, COME ON! Show us what ya got!!!

    hee hee.
  12. What a tease!!!!!
  13. Hey! We have a reveal tonight!! woo hoooooo!!
  14. Oh HC... I just love you.... :smile: I have one kid asleep and the other ALMOST!!!!
  15. Wonderful H &H. Cannot wait to see what it is.