An Open Letter of Thanks!

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  1. Amidst some of the drama lately I thought it might be important to just say thank you to all tpf members.

    I joined the forum many years ago because I loved Louis Vuitton handbags. I can't tell you how many times members on the sub forum saved me from purchasing fake bags.

    I eventually figured out the 'deals and steals' section.....and I know that I have saved at least $1000 (probably more like $2k) over the last year or so thanks to kind people who post. I know it takes time to post on these forums. I know lurkers even grab deals to resell on ebay. That's just the name of the game. However, from the bottom of my heart I want you to know that everything is so very much appreciated.:heart:

    Maybe we can keep this thread open to post stories of thanks to particular members? Seems like there are a bunch of people on this board who post a lot of deals.

    'Kmariko' posted about an awesome deal on Love Quotes. I have been dying for a hot pink but money is tight right now. Thanks to this post, I got the exact scarf I wanted, free shipping, no tax, $48 total.:yahoo:
  2. I personally want to thank everyone who posts the free magazine deals!! I love freebies, and since times are especially tough right now, I know not all of us have the funds to continue subscribing to some of our favorite magazines, or shelling out full price for items.

    My favorite deal recently was the free photo valentines from britt_ash - so cute and a great idea for my loved ones this v-day!
  3. I would agree with the thank you. If I didn't come on here and learn about the Saks sale, I would have never gotten my first REALLY nice high end bag... I mean, I could have never afforded a $2000 purse otherwise, and I was able to get it for a great price.

    Everyone was so nice and I'm very happy with my purchase. I was also able to share a coach PCE card with someone, so I know that what goes around comes around. I hope that we can all keep sharing!
  4. I would also love to say "thanks!!!" to ppl who post great deals here. I am a new member and this is my 1st post! I found TPF a few months ago and have been just reading/lurking in the clothing section and only discovered the deals and steals section a couple of weeks ago. Having found myself really busy w school/work these days, by the time I do find great deals they are usually already on here! ha ha. I have not actually taken advantage of any dels on here yet (broke student) but love the fact that I can know what is going on in the retail world! I hope someday I can contribute but I am really grateful to those who post deals and make tpf such a cool place to hang out!

    merci beaucoup!!!