An Ollddd Laaadyyy Made It Out Of The Closet Today...

  1. Hello everyone. A major reunion today.
    I have to preface this with the fact that I'm not an LV collector (I'm a fan, just not a collector :yes:) and I'm not even sure what size this is....but......

    I got this sweetie pie back in (gasp) 1984 for my 18th birthday from my grandpa. I had wanted one so badly - and I can still see him with the big LV box from the store on Rodeo - my Mom was there too. My grandmother had recently passed away at that point, and he wasn't feeling all that upbeat, but I know he wanted so badly to make me happy. Oh - I swore I would NEVER wear another bag again!!!
    And I did wear her for a bit....but alas, times change, my tastes change and I tucked her away. Even when I was in a massive selling mode on eBay, and I sold my Noe which I swore I'd never do, along with an LV Wallet (both also bought on Rodeo for my 35th birthday), I was NEVER going to part with my sweet little Speedy....
    I thought I might take some pictures of her. She's not flashy - no cherries, nothing fancy - I feel like I've taken out this old movie star - vintage, to be sure....and I'm so surprised how well she's stood up!!! There's hardly any dirt on the handles...and the patina is perfect all over. Look at the inside too! It's pretty damn clean!!! :rolleyes:
    Sigh.....I just bought about 3 more Koobas - so she is going back inside the closet....but I just love her so much, and it was nice to have a little visit from Papi.
    Just wanted to share the happiness and reminisce.
    Do any of you also have significant memories associated with your LV bags???
    LV.jpg LV2.jpg LV3.jpg
  2. Cool!! Is it a French Co. speedy?

    I'm very new to LV, so not too many memories yet. I did buy my 1st big LV piece (Mono Carryall) for my wedding / honeymoon trip last year, and I will keep it forever.
  3. wow, she is in great condition, theres some on eBay that dont even look that good.
  4. Wow...
    How nice you have such a classic LV icon.
    Hang onto it, it not only has sentimental value, but
    its a great bag !!!

    p.s. you should become a LV collector !!!
  5. Uh...dork here...what does mean? I feel so stupid. When I come into this forum, I'm feeling soooo naive.... :confused1:
    On the little key thing on the top it says "swiss made" and on the inside there's the original paper tag thing that's brown that says "made in USA" and "under special license to the french co." OH!!! THE FRENCH CO!
    LOOKIE THAT. Yes, I guess it is! :tup:
  6. Wow she is lovely.
  7. WOW that is an amazing story, I love it that you still have that bag after all that time, good for you for keeping it, keep it forever. Thanks for sharing
  8. Heehee, I noticed your speedy has a seam along the bottom (i.e. a French Co. speedy). I think it's the coolest vintage bag.
  9. yes its french and co, Vinatge speedies were made by French and co and since then have been discontinued and just made the regular LV way.
  10. i love your vintage french co speedy!! such a classic and I love the push lock! I bought one for my friend last year =)
  11. What a sweet story. I loved reading it! So glad you shared your it and your lovely vintage lady with us!
  12. I am drooling over your vintage Speedy!! What a great story to a beautiful vintage bag!
  13. What a treasure! It sure is a keeper, they don't come easily anymore. Nice grandfather!:flowers:
  14. Gorgeous! thanks for sharing these pics and that sweet, loving story too!
  15. Thanks for sharing your story...Its hard to believe your bag is 23 years old...LV is about quality...quality...quality.