An older Mulberry, anyone?

  1. Hello! Does anyone here have an older Mulberry? This is my first day here( :shame: ), I tried to search forums and posts but didn't find anything. I have one Mulberry( NEWBIE for sure!) , I'm not sure is it enough that I could even post here..:p But I bought it from fleamarket. I know what you maybe think, but I'm like 99% sure that it is authentic. So do you have pictures of yours, here are mine. Sorry that quality of pics, my camera sucks.

    laukku 001 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

    laukku 003 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

    laukku 002 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

    laukku 005 [Desktop Resolution].jpg

    laukku 004 [Desktop Resolution].jpg
  2. There is an authenticate this thread but your bag looks fine. I had one like that, I used to love it when they lined their bags in tartan. The label is as they used to be and all the details look good. Congrats.
  3. Ok thanks for your answer, it was releasing cause you can never know about those used ones.. already looking for my next Mulberry :>
  4. Mima that bag is authentic, it's an older despatch bag made in the 1980's sometime.......lucky you for finding it in a flea market.....Mulberry recently brought back the despatch bag style, selling now at for £250, gulp!!!