an old friend from H

  1. Hello I’ll try to keep this short and sweet aka to the point

    now when I was growing up I lived in a small town where everyone knew everyone and where things never change ( I lived in NJ about 15 min away from NY ) I knew everyone for about 9 years until I moved [​IMG] my family made me oh well .......................

    Now like I said nothing ever changes when I was growing up there, everyone had the same friends since elementary school did the same things (Pleasantville lol) no one did anything out of the norm - and if you did everyone knew about it lol... and it was a big DEAL

    Even out of HS now I still here things about people so it wasn't only the school the town itself ?!

    anyways there was this guy I liked since 6 grade and I never told anyone and all three years of middle school I still didn't - I would talk to him all the time and we had classes together and he was a lifeguard at our comm pool anyways - his twin brother was very popular ( I went to a very clicky school ) so he was popular( by association -- as you can see where this is going lol now I wasn’t some kinda loser no I had friends lots even some popular ones but I was never in the inner group - now when we got into high school things still didn’t change just more people yes but still (very clicky)
    Now me and this guy we did the silly middle school crap –
    the summer of my freshman year I went to the pool everyday and he would always come and talk to me or find some stupid excuse to ( do laps ) near me anyways he asked me if I still liked his twin brother ( now every girl liked his brother) so I told him I did ( but that was like in 6th grade ) - my friend was w/me she knew that I had a crush on him not his brother

    Now in HS we had classes together and he would always help me w/my homework or something like that.
    And he would wait for me my locker and hold my books (silly I know lol)
    anyways before I moved it was (10th grade ) me and him had bio and the teacher told us that we could move our seats anywhere I stayed where I was ( didn't like change ) and the girl I was setting was didn’t want to move either - well wouldn't you know it he find a seat right be hide me ?!
    Oh I almost forgot he would give me answers to the quiz and test (he was very smart ) now with all that said I moved and it has been like 5 years
    and I never really thought about him anymore I mean I saw other people and had a long time relationship w.someone else now its funny my friends had mention him a few days ago and told me where he was going to school college - so it didn’t take long to find his e mail address and phone number -- small town -
    Now I didn’t wana call him because I thought that might be weird - I mean yeah sure we knew each other and talked and stuff like that but anyways
    Now I emailed him over the weekend
    I just kept it really light - I was more like just wanted to know what he was up to after HS / when I left..
    Now it hasn't emailed me back and he might not but HEY its only Monday lol lol
    Now I don’t want to freak him out - he might have a g/f
    He might think am a weirdo?!
    He might not even remember me?!
    so now if he emails me back I don’t want to freak him I need some advice from guys and girl am not sure if I’ll need it b/c am not sure if he'll email me back but I just end a 2 year relationship I don't want to say anything stupid that might set him off ?!/ freak him out Am really just looking to catch up on old times not a heavy relationship or a long distance one?!

    sorry its so long I tried to keep it short [​IMG]

    oh one more thing am going back to NJ in November for Vacation [​IMG]
    any advice or commentary would be appreciated
  2. He might be busy with what's going on in his life, that's all.

    It doesn't sound like you guys were going out, right? And you say it's been five years? Do you want to just hang out with him? Or something more? He might be preoccupied with a girlfriend or his friends. Maybe he's different now, like he has a new group of friends or lifestyle? College can be quite an experience too. Just wait for a response first before getting too excited about it. =)
  3. There is nothing wrong with trying to get in touch with him. It sounded like he had a crush on you and probably was shy......also perhaps he felt 2nd to his more popular brother. I think he would be surprised and flattered to get a email. I hope he emails you back. There are some days I don't check my email, so I wouldn't feel disappointment if you don't hear back from him right away, he may be in shock hearing from you and need time to reply.
    Just thought I would tell you that I think it is cool to try to hook up with old friends.
    Thru highschool and college 4 of us girls were best friends, I mean some of us met when we were 4-5 years old. Well 2 friends totally dropped from sight. I mean they moved and moved and we just lost contact. It's sad because we were so close and I would love to know what is going on in their lives.
    Good luck.
  4. Good advice Gillianna. I like how you think..