An "oh no" turns into an "oh yea!!"

  1. I was at Nordstroms today and saw the patent gallery tote in mahogany on the clearance table for $298. I hesitated and hesitated and finally walked away to look at Juicy stuff w/my daughter. So of course I come home in a panic that I need that bag, call Nordstrom and ITS GONE!!! So I tried JAX to see if there were any more in the system. They had 34 of them at $279! So THEN I call my local Coach store, and they have them IN STOCK!!! Yay!!! so I will be picking it up tomorrow. Ive wanted this bag for a while but everyone in my family always says "yuck!" when I show it to them (because of the patent I guess) but I really like this bag. And for $279 - woo hoo! Now hopefully the Macys will still have the matching wristlet on 30% clearance so I'll be all set!!! Here is the stock photo, but I'll post the actual bag tomorrow. Happy New Year! No more for me until the March PCE.
    mahogany gallery.jpg
  2. I love patent! It's so easy to take care of (in dark colors of course). Great find!
  3. YAY! how exciting! Enjoy your new bag! I can't wait for pictures
  4. Congrats, patent is lovely!
  5. Yay!!! Thats so cool. Glad you found one!
  6. Awesome find. I more I see patent bags the more I am starting to like them. At first I didn't like them at all but now I think I must have one! No bags for me either until the next PCE....maybe:angel:
  7. they had this bag at my outlets as well.... great find! :woohoo:the pics don't do the patent any justice! its a beautiful bag!

    there's a march pce?? :graucho:
  8. I love patent -- especially in mahogany! Congrats! :smile:
  9. I sure hope so!!
  10. The mahogany patent is really pretty.....congrats!!
  11. OMG!!! Congrats!!! Great Price!!!
  12. I love the patent and have the Magenta in the wristlet and skinny. You will love it and I am not sure why your family dont like it but oh well every one is different. CONGRATS
  13. awesome find! congrats!
    off topic: is that your puppy in your avatar?? CUTIE!