An official introduction to my "new" Chloes....

  1. I wanted to formally introduce my new chloes which I have gathered from other fellow tpfers....:flowers:

    Mousse front pocket paddy
    Brun front pocket paddy
    Whiskey edith wallet
  2. What lovely bags and wallet. Enjoy them all :tup:
  3. Nice Chloe family!!! I really like them. Are you thinking for another paddy, or maybe enrich the collection with something new?
  4. a purple chloe is my next big purchase but that won't be for a while....
  5. Mona...I love, love, love it!!!!!!! Beautiful collection of front pockets, congrats...
  6. They are beautiful!
    I am in love with your wallet...
  7. That's a fab haul MD :tup: -use in good health and enjoy:yes:!
  8. Oooooo Love the Edith wallet (in Whiskey!!). It'll go great with your black and Whiskey Edith satchels!

    Front pocket Paddies are the best. I love them and I applaud you for getting the silver lock, beautiful!

  9. They're beautiful!
  10. Oooh - fantastic Mona! I am jealous of all that front pocket beauty and of the very cool wallet!
  11. Mona - your new additions are gorgeous!! Congrats!
  12. Very nice Mona! Would love to see you model them!
  13. Love the new additions. I have the black front pocket and love this style. Hopefully I'll get to add some more front pockets soon. Would love it in the grey color. :drool: over the wallet.
  14. i've never seen a pocket paddy before....the grey one looks so nice.....congrats :smile:
  15. Goodness Mona, I think you have a style stalker ... me! :p

    I absolutely love everything you have and I definitely prefer front-pocket Paddies now.

    Thanks for showing us the pic. :tup: